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    Gearing up for SoG - PvP items way to go?

    Hey. I've recently came back to WoW (last thing I did was Dragon Soul 25hc) to experience SoG and prepare for WoD. I play holy paladin, and to my suprise, from what I've seen it seems that farming honor and getting 522 pvp gear is the best way to do that, or am I wrong? The only better items I could get before joining a raiding guild would be from valor points, and these are capped, and SoG LFR, which are also done just once per week.

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    Timeless Isle. Get 496 gear, upgrade the tokens with Burden of Eternity for 535 gear. Heroic scenarios can give you 516 ilvl gear. Other than doing all LFR's and Flex SoO (if you somehow manage to get into any groups), then yeah, PvP gear (either 522 from honor or 550 from conquest) is the way to go. There's world bosses too of course. I'm sure google can guide you to the rest of the info you need.

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    In 6.0, you will meet increase rate drop in LFR gear, and you will be able to use lesser charms to upgrade your gear and to get an infinite amount of warforge seals. This will make getting full SoO LFR gear with 4/4 upgrades very easy.

    Since 6.0 is coming soon, you could farm pvp gear and get ready by farming lesser charms.

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    LFR > Flex > Normal. Not to mention the crafted items, celestial drop and any item upgraded with the burden of eternity token.

    You arent going anywhere with a full pvp gear sadly but try to get the ilvl550 pvp weapon and shield. Or just said fuck this and buy a carry to normal SoO with right to loot.

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