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    Quote Originally Posted by rezoacken View Post
    So you have a ton of low tier mats that are useless for a level 42. Congratulation.

    That said, I have no problem leveling both jeweler and weaponsmith. But my initial plan was weaponsmith and armorsmith, sadly without the TP its too much of a pain to farm fine materials required. Basic materials like ores are okay, if I need some I can spend some time farming. But gathering 8 thin blood can take a bit too much time in my opinion.

    And I think crafting gives too much experience but that is another subject.
    While your sarcasm is highly appreciated, I wasn't saying that you needed to do ALL the lower level zones to get enough crafting materials, but going back and doing them until you leveled up to 75 is something that you should do if you're serious about crafting. I just happen to be a completionist and I'm going to make a ton of money once the trading post is finally fixed.

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    I think there is advantage in that you can go back to any point in the game and farm a bit.
    Admittedly its a bit slow, but the system is so very alt friendly that you really benefit even more from just leveling a new character and storing all the stuff you find in the collectables tab.

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    I love the crafting so amazing! If you don't understand anything fully, have a poke around the ol' brain:

    It's quite simple when you get down to it, you just need to find out where to find the materials you're looking for. Think about it, it's all pretty logical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jemd13 View Post
    Hello all, I pre-purchased the game and have been playing since the 25th, and I love the game so far, been exploring a lot, found a couple of hidden jumping puzzles and all, pretty cool.

    Now, my only problem is, atm i am lvl 42, and I got Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking for my crafting professions, and I havent been able to get neither of them past 70 x_x. My problem is, I cant level LW because I cant find Jute to make the bolts, and I cant level JC cuz i cant find the Jewels D: even when going to low level areas...Ive got a whole ton of mats for lvl75+ for the proffs, but even when I go farm a while I cant seem to find jewels or much jute D:

    Any advice?A better way to find jute or jewels?:x
    I'm not sure how useful this will be to you anymore, but I put together a Jewelcrafting video for how to get from 1-75 as efficiently as possible(as far as I know at least). You can use the premise described in the video for the future tiers though.

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