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    Could...could an orca ride at the top?

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    The first time I saw this in game I was quite staggered.

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    Haha this is awesome xD

    Hopefully it's not fixed before I get home.

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    Lol! XD I gotta log on.... I'm missing out on some crazy stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachoo View Post
    i need to re sub just to be able to do this. I get paid friday so...
    you don't have 13 dollars?

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    This is

    too awesome.

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    Trying to do this right now... was it hotfixed in the last hour somehow? All the mounting bugs still work, but you can't enter travel form while mounted on another druid.
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    Hope they wont fix it, its just TOO awesome

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    All aboard the Stag Tower. Close relative to the Goat Tower.

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    Could not get this to work for the life of me.

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    Just tried this on EU server and cannot do it seems it was either fixed or we are missing something

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    LOL awesome.

    I was riding around on a Mammoth in Stag Form last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by theredviola View Post
    Thank you.
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    Someone get druids to stack until the invisible ceiling, please!

    Make it happen!

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    I haven't laughed so hard at something for quite a while.

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    i wish boomkins could ride mounts, that would look hilarious. moonkin riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a stag, riding a dragon.
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    ha that's just plain awesome.

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    Just did this, it is a timing issue. You have less than 100 milliseconds between clicking on the mount/stag(whichever you are getting on) and shapeshifting to end up in stag form. You can put a boomkin on top if you wish btw.
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    I sincerely hope they don't fix this. This is amazing.

    Unfortunately, They do hate fun.

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