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    Level 70 Personal Story Issue *Spoilers*

    I'm trying to do the Battle of Fort Trinity part of the personal story, however, there is some confusion and bugs. First of all, the personal story starts with discussion of an "Orb" I apparently recovered and needing to go back and rescue Apatia. I don't remember any of this. Also, near the end after putting the orb back in its housing it becomes impossible to progress as the Risen Knights attacking the gate respawn infinitely. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem and if someone can explain about this mysterious orb.

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    Everyone has this problem i think, what i've done is run it with a group of 5 and just run past the risen king to clear the docks.

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    It's bugged, the risen knights spawn indefinitely. However, the quest is still doable; you have to go past the risen knights and kill the undead army alone. It will be hard, so pull 2-4 mobs at time and kite them, or you can gather a group as advised in above post.

    On the other hand, you can use this bug to level yourself. I used an XP boost and a killstreak boost and kept AoEing the risen knights, got 3 levels in an hour.

    Ranged weapon or utility skills with ground target AoE is strongly recommended, if you become overwhelmed by the knights, just fall back to the central, the archers will kill them. Just make sure you have some survivability tools like traits or utility / elite skills, short CD heal skill is the best. As a necromancer, death shroud was enough for me to survive.

    More about buggy quests. There's a 79 story quest that is apparently impossible, read more about it here.
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    I just tried to do this quest.

    Didnt have any issues with infinitely respawning mobs... I had the opposite.

    I got to the "Defend the Docks" part of the quest... killed EVERYTHING and then no cutscene. I searched everywhere around the docks for mobs, I tried to talk to everyone and finally came to The Internets for help. No-one seems to have had the same problem I did, which is a bit odd. But it seems Arena net has tried to fix your issue, and broke it resulting in mine ;(


    The Orb quest was pretty interesting. It seems you got unlucky.

    Apatia and I both split up, planted landmines and each ambushed a patrol of Krait. I killed mine and took the orb... but Apatia failed and was captured. I decided that Fort Trinity needed the orb more than Apatia needed rescue (no choice actually, just progression) and so on to Trinity I went.
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    I had what Cyphran describes, tried several times, meleed the ship, but nothing worked. The 'fix' is - when clearing the docks, try and tag as many mobs as possible before they die to NPCs - aoe, whatnot. Don't kill one by one. Once I did that the quest continued as it should.

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    I also had no quest to recover the orb, but I can imagine it had something to do with the artifact that I helped secure from those Priory miners. Maybe that mentioned the orb but I wasn't part of the retrieval process?

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