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    Question New gaming build, are these temps normal?

    Hey everyone! Just finished putting together my first gaming build today and so far its great! I am using the i5 3570k, z77 ud3h mobo, 8gb corsair low profile ram @ 1600mhz and the cooler master hyper 212 evo for my cpu cooler. I have 4 case fans in total, using the haf 912 and i'm in the bios and my cpu temperature is displaying as about 29-31 degrees idle. I turned off turbo boost and I don't have an os or a gpu yet but is this temp ok? The core temps are as follows:

    Core 1: 33-35 degrees
    Core 2: 35-30
    Core 3: 34-36
    Core 4: 33-34

    When i get the gpu and os i will be running benchmark tests to see what the load temps are but how are these for idle? I'm just a bit paranoid because it's my first build and i wanna make sure i applied the cpu cooler correctly and all. i used the pea sized thermal paste in the middle method.

    Oh and the vcore is 1.005V.


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    Those temps are fine. Intel CPUs can go up to about 100C, so I wouldn't ever worry about anything under 80
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    Lol those temps are perfectly fine. What the guy above me said is correct, and although an Intel CPU might be able to handle 100c, that would def be a reason to be suspicious of problems and you'd want to get it fixed.

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    Ok thanks, I'm just curious because I've read other threads where people have the same type of setup with 10 degrees lower idles. Also I do plan to overclock to 4Ghz or higher eventually. Once I get my gpu, what would be some good tests to run to stress it? I'm still quite new to this

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    IB TJ Max is 105 Celsius. That being said you would not want anywhere higher than 85-90 C maximum (ideally you shouldn't expect to go above 80 with good cooler) and I'm talking about during stress test, which basically tests stability for worst case scenario - that you will never encounter during normal gaming.

    With i5 3750k, I think you can easily OC to 4.5-4.6 Ghz with a decent after-market CPU cooler.
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