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    35% nerf?

    Why don't they just give you a "Kill boss" button?
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    I don't know why some people are whining about the new talent trees. Well actually I do know why. People whine about everything, no matter what. The trees aren't that bad at all. Many of the talents in the old trees were moved to spec specialization, so on top of getting many of the old talents, you get these new talents as well. I think it's great.

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    Now any idiot can get 8/8 heroic. Rejoice MMO-users. Your time is finally coming.

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    will the fox kit still drop or is it now only buyable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    Now any idiot can get 8/8 heroic. Rejoice MMO-users. Your time is finally coming.
    People like you always say this, but the reality is there are so many guilds that are not even close to getting all the heroic bosses down. Besides, who cares about DS. It's a thing of the past. Come Mists, guilds who clear the new raids without the buff to help them get a feat of strength. That will separate the more hardcore guilds.

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    They are giving away promotional pets? I'd like the two chinese pig pets then please blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonW View Post
    The guild experience cap is now removed and guild experience is normalized for any level character. . What this means ?
    Also, it normalized guild reputation as well. Previously, reputation was gained based off the experience you got from the quest. Low-level stuff would give zero to one reputation, and it slowly climbed as you leveled up to what you could get from dailies at 85. Talking with a guildy who just made a new Mage, they were getting 180-ish Guild reputation per quest turnin (though I don't know if that includes breadcrumb quests as well), and my level 64 toon was getting the same from quest turnins. This will make Exalted with Guild happen so much sooner.

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    You can now mount while under the skeleton effect of the Noggenfogger Elixir!

    BEST... CHANGE... EVER!!!
    Seven years...

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    HC Spine and Madnes are removed from Dragon Soul Meta Achievement
    My guilds 25man raiding group fall apart just before heroic spine.. for few weeks recently we wanted to gather people to finish Meta at least 10man, tho we couldnt find enough reliable people.
    After patch suddenly everyone got their mount handled 0.o

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    Why are they still nerfing DS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsieuRoberts View Post
    Why are they still nerfing DS?
    So the less experienced people have something to do in the last month before Mists. /shrug
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    How can people still complain about the DS nerf (and the Rag nerf for that matter)? "Meh, I felt so cool and special having the meta achievement mount, now everybody can get it, omg that sucks!".

    Well hello? In 5 weeks, people start to bumrush DS at level 90 and will be getting their meta mount under an hour.
    Just like the WotlK mounts, everybody can have the special snowflake mount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsieuRoberts View Post
    Why are they still nerfing DS?
    I think you will find this is probably the last nerfing anyway. A while back someone had data mined or something like that and found that the nerfing would stop at 35%. And since MoP is coming in September this works out about right.

    And well all the gear ya got in DS except maybe 410/416 gear will be replaced by 399 / 429 questing greens, 404 / 434 / 450 special quest blues and 410 / 463 dungeon blues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    Now any idiot can get 8/8 heroic. Rejoice MMO-users. Your time is finally coming.
    Their time is finally coming..? Might I ask you why are you taking this almost as personal insult and forget that different people have different skills and commitment to the game than yours? Are you for real?
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    How do people still not have 8/8H, I do not know... Maybe they just aren't trying at all.

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    Good new everybody! The blue posts are running again!
    Also glad to see all these changes! <3

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    Sad that they made the Fox Kit obtainable from badges now. Luckily, just after the servers went live yesterday, I was farming the foxes around TB and one finally dropped for me.

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    Cant wait for the release of MoP

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    the nerf reached 35% though that is something we already knew would happen ages ago, meh i don't care much about dragon soul now that i got glory anyways.

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    that rocket I NEED IT

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