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    Feral Incnarnation possible solution with stance / bar problem???

    Hello, i want to know if its possible to make macro/script to swap action bar after a X amount of time. A lot of ppl said are macroing incarnation with action bar swap. I know its possible to manually swap it after it expires but it would be nice if its fully automated like rogue's shadowdance. Thanks a lot for your time.

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    I haven't check with the newest version, but Bartender could do this at least for every other form (cat, bear, owl, ...)
    Don't know if they have a bar swapping for incarnation.

    But regarding your question.
    Afaik ther is no way to do a task after x amount of time within a macro.

    Another, macro way, would be stance checking.
    For me, resto, the Tree of life, has changed from stance:6 to stance:5.
    So you could do a stance chek to "swap" the spells.

    As I think about it... stance:5 can't be right... I have to check this when I'm back home.
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    The problem is that incarnation has been merged with cat thats stance 3, so there is no way to make stance macros for it anymore. Its too lame to have shred and mangle on my bars when i only use ravage during its duration ;/

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    I am looking for this aswell. It's so frustrating to have to bind pounce and ravage outside of stealth when you only use them with Incarnation.

    Bartender does have an option to swap bars on Incarnation, but it only works with Tree of Life

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