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    California. It could be its own country. Look at all our GDP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfury View Post

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    All are pretty good with the exception of Texas. The country would be better off if that cesspit ceded from the union.

    Edit: They can take Arizona with them, at least its government, come to think of it. I'd completely forgotten about that horrible state!

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    I'll also go with California...

    Of course NY comes slightly behind!
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    the Great State of Texas of course

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    Maine.. I currently live in Maryland now, and it sucks... I stayed in Maine for about 2 months and I loved it.. Thinking about transferring my college credits there so I have an excuse to move there.
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    With just a little bias, Texas!

    Great economy, great cities, great culture, love it here.
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    Well I've only been to California and Florida, so I can only really judge them.

    Gotta say though, I liked California more!
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    Only steers and queers come from Texas.

    If I had to pick a state I would aim for Oregon or Washington. I do love me some rain. Oh and stay away from Kansas, super crazies live there. :S

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    I wouldn't ever want to truly live in America, it's like a planet of crazy aliens where common laws of logic and nature don't apply, from my european perspective. I of course don't know how things really are in different states, but just from a distance, the ones that attract me the most are:

    Hawaii - such a beautiful place and the music is so tranquil and innocent.
    Florida - the whole tropical/subtropical climate thing has a lot of flair.
    Louisiana - comparatively rich in culture, and everything seems to have a twist of it's own there. I like the swamps.
    The whole New England area has something romantic to it. I like Boston and Salem and stuff, kind of an interesting vibe to it.
    I'm not that much of a New York fan, but I love the accent

    I probably picked some really weird choices for someone who actually has a clue about the US, but whatever
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    Oregon or Washington State. Anything east of Idaho is too far east. And Cali can hurry up and break off and fall into the ocean for all I care.
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    I'm Canadian so I guess I'm less biased than those living in the USA.

    Personally, I like New York. To me, it seems like the state that has everything.

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    Chuck Norris, Tommy Lee Jones, Nolan Ryan, Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen, Guy Clark, Billy Joe Shaver, Lyle Lovett and Townes Van Zandt...
    The most popular poker game in the world isn't called New York Hold 'Em, is it?
    The Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater (Texans will understand that one)
    Robocop were filmed here.
    Best state shape for cookies<---
    "Cowboying" is still a profession.
    You can go to an opera and a rodeo and see the same people in the crowd at both.
    "Everything is bigger in Texas" -- We have the most "legendary" perception from others, national and internationally.
    More than 10 distinct ecological regions
    The Alamo
    Fiesta in San Antonio (it's a citywide party)
    The Texas Rangers (best rangers out of any state)
    The best BBQ in the nation
    We can succeed from the union
    We have the nicest people in the nation
    The list goes on and on...

    We are Texans. We are a proud people. While we never claim to be perfect, we are real and we strive to make the Union a better one through a better Texas. What matters here isn't how plastic you are or how tan you are ... it's about who you are.

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    Texas. Born and raise and will never leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngc2440 View Post
    Oh and stay away from Kansas, super crazies live there. :S
    Explanation on that one?

    On topic: I'd say California for weather but their economy and politics are so awful (Honestly, along with most of the people I've met that live there.) that I wouldn't be able to live there. Economy would probably be Texas because they do have a pretty good economy. Politics, nowhere that I know of has even half decent political views, so, can't say on that one.

    Edit: Also, what's with all these people FROM Texas saying Texas? Read the rules.
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    New York
    i live in NY and i hate NY, probably going to move to PA. love it there. but i would definitely say i'd love to live the most in CA. thats where everything interesting happens.

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    Nevada come on now

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    From outside it seems to be California.

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    Well, I live in California, and have only been to California and Hawaii...I love Cali, and would vote for it, but OP said you can't vote for what you live in, so I say Hawaii. But, again, I would vote for Cali.

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