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    Help me find a laptop that can run all this

    I need to find a laptop (under $1,500 preferably) that can run several large architectural programs at once and that will also be able to play WoW with decent settings (at least high, but not ultra) and very little lag. I don't know a whole lot about trying to find a computer based on the specifications given by the programs I need to run, so maybe you guys can help!

    The two programs are:

    I've been looking at various ASUS Republic of Gamers laptops as my teacher recommended a gaming laptop in order to handle these graphics intensive programs, and these are a few that I know I'd be able to afford:

    ASUS 1
    ASUS 2
    ASUS 3
    ASUS 4

    From what I understand any of these would be fine to run both program simultaneously, but I just want to be sure that I'm not missing something terribly important before I go out and buy one of them. I'd be open to other brands as well, I just know ASUS makes good products and know people who are very happy with their laptops. Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated!
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    go wtih win7 prem 64bit makes it about ~1300 with tax and shipping

    If you choose to I would recommend putting in an SSD as your primary drive and a 500gb HDD as your secondary
    this however will push it up to ~1500 but I personally think an SSD is worth it.
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    What sort of SSD would you suggest? The bare minimum kinda thing or something a little bit better? This 60GB Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive (Up to Sequential Read 550MB/s - Write 475MB/s SSD2 Serial-ATA III) is the cheapest one that I see, is that any good? (I'm really computer stupid, I don't even know the advantage of this SSD). I'm on an extreme budget so any extra that isn't essential, I probably can't afford.

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    What is your primary need for the laptop? 3D work or gaming?

    Gaming cards are going to perform poorly for your CAD work, and workstation cards are going to perform poorly in gaming.
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    Honestly I'm very torn between the two because I had been saving for a nice new gaming computer, then come to find out I need a really good one for classes too. But I guess it would be more for my CAD work since a job is certainly more important than my hobby. If possible I'd like something that will still perform well in 10 mans with decent settings (I currently have everything on low because my old macbook can't handle it, and I still lag like the dickens when things get spell intensive).

    Would I be better off looking at high-end notebooks that aren't built for gaming and tweaking them to perform games a little better also? Because my teacher actually stated that a gaming computer would be what we need when someone asked.

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    If it's early on in your schooling, or even if it isn't, I would just go ahead with a gaming notebook. When you're out of school and in the field however, you'll want something with a proper workstation card.

    I only suggest this because by the time you're actually out of school, even if you bought a workstation notebook, it would be outdated anyway. And it isn't like you -need- the faster rendering time right now to beat work deadlines and such.

    Up to you though.
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    I'd prefer a gaming laptop for sure, it's saddening to have been saving for something nice for yourself only to find out you need to use that money for something you don't want as much XD I hadn't thought about the fact that anything I buy would be outdated by the time I'm out of school, and I'd really prefer a desktop for working anyway.

    In that case I'll go with one of those ASUS I'd been looking at and just have slightly less quality performance in my design work.

    The 4 that I'm deciding between are all capable of running AutoCAD and Sketchup though correct? If I'm reading things right they can, I just want to be sure.

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