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    Recklessness Glyph

    I just had a quick question regarding the recklessness glyph, at what point do you NOT use it? all the players achieving world rankings are not using it, is this because they have the 4 piece set? or should you never use it in the first place as ive been under the impression since the start of the expansion that you're supposed to use it.


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    Using the glyph is a flat DPS decrease, 4 set or no 4 set. This might change with a later expansion.

    Only Glyphs that you should always use are Death from Above and Unending Rage. The third one is interchangable depending on the fight.

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    Currently Glyph of Recklessness is not a dps increase, because you will want to your executes crit inside your Colossus Smash window.

    EDIT: About rest of the glyphs, read Beauterhams post.

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    Then why is it that the top tanked players, e.g. landsoul from vodka doesn't use the glyph? :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geras View Post
    Then why is it that the top tanked players, e.g. landsoul from vodka doesn't use the glyph? :S
    I think you're not reading correctly... Yiris and I both say the glyph is NOT a DPS increase... at least not for this miment.

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    Ahh haha sorry yes, makes sense now :P il remove it cheers.

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    I have used the glyph in brawlers guild against Battletron but honestly that was more of an experiment, it actually seemed good for that but that is very situational.

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    Glyph of recklessness will be used later in the xpac when we hit soft crit cap where mastery may overtake value to crit because blood thirst has double chance to crit
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    I'm thinking later in the expac with the gear scaling it will be required Glyph. Or probably nerfed because imagine all that up time critting like a beast. PVPer's will be crying.

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    I personally stopped using it after I got my 4 set. The 50% affect feels much more potent when you use it on cooldown rather than only 30% :P

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    At around 50% critical strike it starts become an increase in DPS, which is highly unreachable this tier.
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