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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    If he was on the floor and part of the mission was to try and arrest him. Why was he shot again once he was down?
    IF what the writer says was true, and a shot hit the target, causing brain spilling out of the head, shooting again I see rather as an act of humanity than anything else.
    It ended the suffering. It's the right thing to do in such case.

    What puzzles me more is, what kind of a cheap crook is that guy that wrote the book?
    Making not enough money as navy seal? Greedy ass douche bag, that's what I call it.

    On one hand, he doesn't want to have the book used for political purpose, on the other hand he writes a book that has everything to do with politics.

    He's a disgrace for every righteous soldier, in any army, not just his own.
    I mean, we are talking about a position in the military that leaves even the spouses of those soldiers in the dark. They aren't allowed to tell their wives, parents, or siblings what they are doing, and he writes a book to tell the whole world?

    Imho, he deserves severe punishment by the Pentagon. Strip him of every single dime the book makes, and dishonorable discharge him.

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    OP necro's the thread for the 5th or 6th time with a conspiracy theory video...and it's still not closed. I think we have a duty to keep necro'ing this thread till its closed.
    It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadvolcanoes View Post
    OP necro's the thread for the 5th or 6th time with a conspiracy theory video...and it's still not closed. I think we have a duty to keep necro'ing this thread till its closed.
    but dont go off topic... topic being, i guess AMERICA BAD!!! seeing as how it's been necroed with several anti-US posts that have nothing to do with the OP. but what the hell, i'll play along i guess

    OT: im so proud to be a part of a nation that epitomizes evil, and is the source of all ills of the world, including evils that occurred before its inception. i will be so thrilled when newt can take off his mask and run for president under his true name, beezlebub

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    Quote Originally Posted by katsung47 View Post
    Bin Laden died long times ago. (ten years ago) They kept Bin Laden alive because they needed a false flag for their “war on terror” so they could keep on asking money and power from people.
    In 2011, the US decided to start war on Iran. Like they justify the Iraq and Afghan war with 911 attack, they needed a similar “terror attack” to justify war on Iran. They created “Operation Geronimo” to justify a “nuke terror attack” in the name of “Al Qaeda revenge for Bin Laden’s death”.
    Al Qaida seems to have access to the toppest secret of US government. They knew "kill Bin Laden Operation" in advance.

    Quote, "

    Five days before May 1st, Wikileaks and Al Qaida knew of “Bin Laden’s death” would have happened and announced a warning. The news is a clumsy product of the “disinformation office” of the Feds. It means:

    1. Al Qaida have nuclear weapon. They haven’t used it because Bin Laden hadn’t been caught or killed.
    2. Wikileaks and Al Qaida knew Bin Laden would be killed several days later so issued a warning.

    Al Qaida are so powerful that they knew everything, have everything and can do everything even though they are chased from the cave to cave, because they have the Magic Lantern of Alladin. They always come out in time when the Feds need them. They activated 911 attack to help justify Mid-east war. This time, will they have a nuke attack to justify war on Iran?
    This is the article I posted two weeks ago. Today I received a fraction for it. It refers two news report and I had my comment on them. The reason:" Forbidden Topics
    Please do not post conspiracy theories. This infraction is worth 5 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire."

    I think it's a method of censorship. Because they don't agree with my opinion, they could censor my mouth by "Forbidden topics, conspiracy theories". Then what is the difference to the communist countries?

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    You have yet to back up your claims.

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    I wouldn't care if they took him and his entire family and threw them off the building into helicopter blades.

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