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    Quote Originally Posted by teebo View Post
    its a good thing you cant take him out of the instance, or i would prob get in trouble.
    at some point you could Dark Simulacrum this spell, get summoned to DS and eat 70% of Morchok HP in one hit.
    Wonder if it still works :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Archaeon View Post
    In tbc everyone wished they were playing vanilla. In cataclysm everyone will wish they were playing wotlk.
    ^------True story!!

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    now the question is , can u controll the lich king ?
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    Guys, guys, guys. You can use it on the trash mobs in ICC, have fun
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    it probably won't work for faction leaders. i tried taking one to stormwind and he just despawned, they probably don't want you bringing something in and letting it lose after 5 mins to annoy people.

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    Bosses cant be controlled via this plus the controlled mob will despawn on teleport/zone change, summon etc etc.

    I did however have fun controlling one in Dragonblight, flying up around Naxxramas and seeing him stand there, in the air, hitting me once control dropped

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asheriah View Post
    I just tried but it doesn't work anymore. You can control the Corpse Eaters but it won't let you use the ability on anything that isn't a player
    Can you use it on party members?

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    I can confirm that you can use Control Undead on those gigantic elite undead on the bridge between Icecrown and Crystalsong (just outside Dalaran). It's so huge that 70% of my screen is just the undead's ass.

    I tried queuing for a BG, wait 1 minute after the queue pops, use Control, then queue in. My giant didn't appear in the BG

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealNight View Post
    Can you use it on party members?
    No ... Target is friendly.

    It should work in PvP though, but you can't get the mob out of SFK anyway...

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