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    The controls aren't clunky. Everything so far has felt very fluid and fast-paced in actual gameplay. The "walking through mud" feel just refers to how painfully slow characters seem to run, which I do think needs to be addressed./QUOTE]

    I'd agree with this. I think the 10% speed buff that some classes get would be a good default speed for everyone.
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    Frankly, I feel like speed needs just needs to be increased by 25% across the board.
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    One thing I am concerned with are the tactics of the PvE endcontent. I have run Ascalon Catacombs Storymode, Caudecus Storymode and one Exploreable mode route and defeated the Shadow Elemental in Queensdale and today The Shatterer.

    The Dungeons are at the moment pretty fucked up. The first one is much harder then the second one and the tactics are also not really... different for any mob. As a Melee you are fucked anyways at the moment and trashpacks seem to be harder then most of the bosses because there are more.

    As for the bis outside bosses... Shadow Elemental and The Shatterer were exactly the same and piss easy. Avoid the AoE spam and kill the adds which die in seconds because of the Zerg. If every "big endcontent evet" is like this PvE looks pretty grim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OscaR View Post
    You want to explore because the game's just out for a week. You don't know where things are, stuffs are still new and you want to see what places look like. "Exploring" and crafting being the things you do at end game is just weak. Dynamic Events are basically quests, sure, it kinda is a new system but it won't last when you realize they aren't really that different.
    When I'm at the highest level in the game, I want to do meaningful things that "matter". I'm one of those people that enjoy the scenery in games ALOT but you can't just have exploring as endgame. Crafting even being considered is just beyond me. Sure people have different tastes but it just seems like they are saying things just to have a longer list.
    Sorry, But I disagree with you in SO MANY WAYS, maybe because fun is very subjective. There is a lot of games which incentive the exploration (not only for the first week), original WoW and TBC says hello!
    So at the high level you want to do "meaningful things that matter"? Interesting, in the cataclysm xpack I was 99% of the time sitting in a major city waiting for a bg/dun, this is why I don't know if we can call WoW a RPG these days... And to clarify, I'm not a hardcore RPG, but today all the things in wow are so "rushed" and "express". It's like a fast food RPG: So, I'm sitting there, in a major city, waiting for my "request"... do you want number 1 - pvp ? or do you want the number 2 - dungeon with fries? and repeat, repeat, repeat... day by day... does it really matter that much for you? If yes, then good... for you.

    Well, I can't talk about GW2 because I don't even played this game yet, but I can talk about wow after playing this for some years. And what impresses me the most when I read these posts about GW2 (to know the game better), there is always some guys talking about how wonderful and amazing and perfect WoW is, and how this fact implies GW2 being bad ¬¬. That's a really crazy logic.

    Also, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying WoW is a bad game, but it's not wonderful either. And today it's just about sit there and wait for the grind, then repeat, then grind, and repeat again... I really miss the feeling of adventure in this game, and that is why I'm reading a lot about GW2. I'm also not saying GW2 is good, I haven't played it yet.

    I was addicted to wow for some time, but I think we need to open the mind a bit, and at least take a look at the different new games that are coming up too.

    Some poeple ask like they want to know: "do I have 25.000 hours of gameplay with this game? So I can spend the next 3-4 years of my life playing it." lol. Take it easy, you should ask "is this a worthy investiment?", "is there enough content for the price we are paying?"

    So I guess I'll keep reading, but think about my advice: Open your mind! There are plenty of good games out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrakeWurrum View Post
    It had fairly... mediocre exploration at first. There was stuff to find, but it was just kind of "Oh cool, this statue is here!" You'd never see a completely random bad-ass event that triggers specifically when you kneel before said statue. Maybe you'll find random NPCs there giving some lore-text.

    After a while, though, they stopped hiding even THOSE things, and everything got found anyways. Then the world got blown up by Deathwing, and now there's no hidden things at all.
    The kind of exploration I was into in WoW was reaching hidden and forbidden places without hacking. I remember getting under Stormwind and running to Dun Morogh, over very wierd and pixely mountains and everything was just so wierd and jacky. That kind of stuff is still there, but mostly involve instances now as there are flying mounts everywhere now.

    And this is one of the main reasons I love Guild Wars 2 so much, there's so much to explore. And the jumping puzzles reminds me of the wall jumping in old WoW, it's so nostalgic and amazing.

    I also predict that people will find out how to get out of zones and walk into non instanced zones. That will be excitening too but ArenaNet seems to be very strict with their rules so I might just observe others perform it.

    Anyway, this thread isn't about WoW but I just wanted to add that exploration(both what you're allowed to do and what you're not) might become a thing for some people.
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