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    Quick question about frost 2H dps.

    I just got back to WoW after several months and have a doubt about which presence to use while dpsing as frost 2h, it used to be unholy when I stopped playing months ago... Wondering if it is still the same right now

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    I don't even know anymore.
    As far as I know frost should now use frost presence for DW and 2 handers
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    Both frost specs will use Frost Presence. There is little to no debate about this because Frost benefits from Improved Frost Presence when in Frost Presence reducing the cost of frost strike by 15 RP (35 RP -> 20 RP).

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    Yep frost presence. Check out noxxic.com or icyveins for more info on rotation, but generally speaking the only other difference is that 2H frost uses procs on Oblit while DW frost uses them on frost strike as of right now.

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