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    And so is Iron Qon!

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    Still looking for another warlock or even two! In addition we have opened up recruitment for a tank, preferably DK, though open for other classes as well. Also looking for DK dps.

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    Twin concorts went down tonight!

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    Looking for a priests in particular, as well as a tank!

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    Lei Shen down, next week we start heroics

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    Still searching for 1-2 healers + 1 tank. Take a look at our recruitment page for more details. And as always, exceptional apps are considered regardless of what we are actively recruiting for!

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    Bump! Still spots open for 1 tank + 1 pala/priest/shaman healer! Also looking for some dps classes, take a look at our recruitment post for more details!

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    Jin'Rokh HC went down tonight! Our trip into heroic progression just started!

    We do need some specs to join to our ranks and help us in ToT HC kills!

    Priest-Shaman- for healers

    Dk's - Monks - Warriors for tanks

    For more informations please visit our web site and check our recruitment page!

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    Updated some of what we are looking for, take a look at our recruitment page for details!

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    Upated again Take a look!

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    As we did a major forum overhaul not too long ago all the links we had in the OP stopped functioning (other than the main page one), this went without notice by me hence the late update! They should all be working again now however.

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