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    [H] <Nefarious> 3/13 HC Twisting nether 21.30-00.30 wed/thur/mon

    currently recruiting:

    - Holy Paladin
    - Balance Druid
    - Warlock
    - Mage

    Exceptional applications may be considered. Socials always open.


    - Wednesday
    - Thursday
    - Monday

    Raid times are 21:30- 00:30 (Server time) .We raid 3 times a week,we ask that applicants be available for at least 75% raids per month on new content.

    About us

    Nefarious is a progression focused but casual time commitment 10 man guild based upon Twisting Nether EU. Our goal is to achieve heroic boss kills whilst the intended level of challenge remains, pre nerf. We strongly believe in quality over quantity in all that we do both tactically and strategically. We believe our greatest asset is our membership and all members are involved in all decisions affecting the guild. We have been around as a guild since early TBC, starting on Thunderhorn EU with most members playing since vanilla wow.

    As most of us are getting on a little these days and have busy personal and professional lives we do plan our raiding around real life commitments not ahead of them. It has been commented that our raid schedule suits older players with family lives better than younger ones. Whilst we do not block apps based upon age, this is probably fair comment, most current raiding members are over 25 there are a couple of younger players though around 20. Hell, someone has to remain sober during raids.

    Nefarious in Mists of Pandaria

    We have a history dating back almost 6 years with various feats of amazing awesomeness but do you really care! In mists we have more than respectable progress for our time committed and Challenge mode golds/silvers etc also. We strongly believe that the PvE content in mists is some of the best we have seen since TBC and bits of Wrath.

    Nefarious is a guild with focused goals, strong leadership, and a fun and friendly community atmosphere that covers more gaming than just WoW.

    If you are looking for a guild that will help you develop and improve as a player then this is the place for you. If you are looking for a guild that does more than raid then this is the place for you. This is a place that you can call home as our guild community fosters a variety of interests for players to enjoy both in WoW and other games. We do not expect all applicants to be the finished article, we are more than happy to help you achieve your goals.

    If any of the above interests you we strongly urge you to click on recruitment and apply. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact an officer via our forums or in game.

    What Nefarious has to offer you

    - A progressive, happy and fun, drama free, social environment in which to play your favourite game
    - An extremely talented and experienced group of core players most of which have been active since Vanilla
    - A larger Multi Format gaming community with Steam group etc
    - Opportunity to be part of a focussed and competitive raiding team of stable, mature players
    - Achievements and mounts relevant to current content
    - Active, social forums and community
    - Opportunity to voice your opinions to influence both minor and major guild decisions
    - Make an effort to become a valued social member of our community
    - Always place the guild's interests ahead of your own

    More information

    For more information about Nefarious and the full list of our rules and expectations, visit:



    For specific questions please contact an officer either through our website or /w online.
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    Still looking

    - Balance Druid
    - Hunter
    - Mage

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    Still looking

    -One melle/no rogue
    - Balance Druid
    - Hunter
    - Mage
    - Holy paladin
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    Still looking couple classes

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