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    Take a look at our recruitment page!

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    More players welcome!

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    Still several trial spots open!

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    Looking for dps still pluss one or two healers, aslo opened up a spot for a tank!

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    Updated, took a sneakpeak into the first instance today, got the first boss down, second boss to about 20% before raid end, to be continued tomorrow!

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    Updated again, didn't take us too long to get down the second boss as well, was just a matter of altering the tactics slightly to perfect it.

    We are still looking for a few people to fill out our ranks for our 25man raiding team, so please take a look at our recrutiment forum and make an app if you think we might be the guild for you!

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    Still in need of some people, wide open when it comes to Retribution Paladins for example, check the recruitment forum for more details!

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    Updated with latest progress, we got 3rd boss down on our 10man sneakpeak run, epic kill

    Still open for good players, so take a look at our recruitment page!

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    Updated the post as we just resumed 25man raiding again. Still got room for some more good players in our roster!

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    3 bosses down on 25man as well as 10man now, 3rd boss didn't take us more than two attempts

    We are still looking for some more raiders to fill out our roster, so do take a look at our recruitment page!

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    4th boss down, GJ raiding team! Still spots open for good raiders! High on the list of what is needed are warlock, ret paladin, enhancement shaman, DK. Check the forum for more details of what we are looking for, and don't forget that we will always consider a good app, regardless of what we are actively seeking, as the player matters more than the class.

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    Enhancement shaman and ret paladin spots are still wide open! Also now recruiting a dps warrior.

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    Updated what we are looking for a bit, take a look at our recruitment forum page!

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    We are still in need of a handful skilled players to optimize our raiding team!

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    Could use some more skilled melee dps players!

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    We still need Holy and Discipline priest to join us!

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    And some more melee as well! Dps warriors and dks, not to mention enhancement shamans are welcome!

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    Still in need of some good melee dps, and warlocks as well!

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    bump! ------------------------

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    So still got spots open, looking for most dps classes atm, got a few spot to fill and not to important what the spec is!

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