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    Several melee spots open, also in need of more warlocks + Resto shaman to list a few options.

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    Still searching for dps + Resto shamans!

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    Opened up for another tank, please check our recruitment forum for more details about what we are looking to recruit!

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    Still looking for most types of melee dps, as well as boomkin druids, resto shamans and a tank!

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    Still need more raiders!

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    We did a 10man run to do some easymode raiding, and got down some more bosses. Updated progress.

    To do the same on 25man we simply need a bit more people to get the right setups, so take a look at our recrtuiment forum!

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    Still in search of more dps, mainly melee, also wide open for warlocks! As we always consider good apps for any class, please take a look at our recruitment forum!

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    Some spots are starting to fill up, but still in need of some good melee dps, warlocks are still wide open also!

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    In addition to melee and warlocks, we can easily find room for a boomkin, elemental as well as a hunter.

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    Still looking for suitable raiders!

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    Still searching for more raiders; dps, mainly melee!

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    Still spots open for dedicated and skilled raiders!

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    Updated the progress

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    We have shifted our recruitment focus a bit more towards another healer or two. A shaman and/or a monk would do nicely!In addition we are mainly searching for rogues and retribution paladins when it comes to dps, but as always we conisder the player before the spec and class, so if you think Fifth Sin might be the guild for you, go to our recruitment forum and take a look there, or better yet make an application!

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    Changed what we are looking for a bit, so head over to our recruitment page and take a look!

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