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    Spiritbinder down on hc

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    And Bladelord heroic down on 25man as well

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    Elegon down on 25man hc!

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    We still looking for some specs to join us like moonkins,warlocks and rogues.Please visit our recruitment page for more info

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    Bump, still spots open on our team, take a look at the wowprogress link or on our forum to see what we are looking for. As always, if we get an exceptional app it will be considered regardless of class and spec.

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    Recrtuiment update: Wide open for warlocks, boomkins and enhancement shamans amongst other things.

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    Bump, still looking for several classes and specs, atm we are more or less wide open for melee dps, as well as a few other things!

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    Forgot to mention that we are very much looking for Monk and Priest healers!

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    Tortos down

    Still looking for another healer or two, Monk/Priest.

    Also looking for a few dps, take a look at our recruitment page on the forum or on wowprogress!

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    Magaera down aswell!

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    Ji-Kun down! As we did not raid much during easter it took a bit longer than it otherwise might have.

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    Looking for warlock, healing priest, dk and retri pala, as well as being open for some other things as well. Ofc as always good applications are always considered regardless of class and spec.

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    Bump, still some spots open!

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    Durumu and Primordius down in quick succession!

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    Bump, still some spots open! Healing Priest and Warlock in particular.

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