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    GW2 gear question

    When do you start getting new gear in guildwars 2? as in the looks of it
    I'm level 25 and still look like i just started the game, you can mix me in with the lvl 1's and not notice any diffrence
    yet i see people with diffrent gearsets around level 15 and such. is this only obtainable during crafting or am i missing something?

    I do get gear upgrades, but it never changes the skin
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    No idea, i still look the same too

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    Yeah, having not many armor skins when leveling is a bit of a beef with me.

    Effectively there is just 3 for your armor type I believe.
    People at level 15 wearing different will be either downscaled from a higher level, or be wearing Hall of monuments gear from gw1 achivements.
    Basically I believe you are stuck with those 3 sets of gear, untill cultural race ones at 35-60-80, or ones from the dungeons/zones endgame.

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