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    How important is Initial Homeworld Selection?

    I picked up a copy of GW2 today without having planned to even play it; now I noticed that you can only pick one initial server- will this debilitate my ability to play with friends on other servers? I mainly want to play with my brother, but I may have to wait a few days to hear what server he chose since hes across country, suggesting I cant even play the game yet? Am I right with how this works? Make sure we are on the same server? Thanks

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    Only makes a difference for World vs World PVP.

    Can freely guest/visit any server whenever you like, be in cross server guilds, chat cross server and region even.

    Transfers are possible for real money if you want to move for World vs World PVP. Just not right now.

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    Thank you for that answer, everything I needed to know.

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