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    I haven't ever had a problem with getting enough Rage on Malakk to keep SD up during Frozen Blows. Something to remember is that outside of Frozen Blows you should only use the first charge of SD, and spend excess Rage on T&C then FR. When Frozen Blows is up, then you start popping SD on cooldown until it's over, and repeat.

    You could try saving Rage cooldowns (Incarnation, Berserk) for Frozen Blows, and see if that helps.

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    Slightly random question to Guardians that have done heroic Jin'Rohk on 25man, though it may be present on 10man to a less noticeable extent: has anyone noticed this week him randomly meleeing for 550-600k while not passing enrage timer?

    Last week didn't seem to have that occur, and the only difference is that I'm using Rune of Re-Origination to run some uptime tests on it. Normal melee hit I take is around 230-250k with no cooldowns, healers were just complaining that I occasionally took a huge melee hit. Since our active mitigation is dodging, I can't tell the potential values of all the hits I could've taken, and my co-tank doesn't seem to take the random huge hits according to logs (prot pally). At least I had some data for the Rune, prolly won't wear it again for that fight just in case.

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    I am currently tanking on a DK. I am enjoying it quite a bit, but I have always had a soft spot for druids. And during a LFR Raid I was offtanking for one and I simply cant resist the urge to play druid anymore.
    But from everything I am reading here it appears that they have quite a bit more issues with tanking that most other tanking classes.
    Are Guardians in a rough spot right now?

    Will start tanking on my druid either way. Just want to know what I am getting myself into
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byhaz View Post
    But from everything I am reading here it appears that they have quite a bit more issues with tanking that most other tanking classes.
    Are Guardians in a rough spot right now?
    We really need to find the guy who keeps spreading all these stupid rumors ;p

    Guardians are not in a rough spot. They are a very strong tank to play. All the tank classes are pretty even. Active mitigation puts more player skill into tanking so what you "heard" might of been from people who had no clue how to play the class.

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    This might be blunt but Guardians are still fine, if you are having problems it lies with you or your healers still.

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    Ive struggled to find some information about trinkets in 5.2 for Guardian druids. Im currently sitting with Vicious Talisman(Valor), Bottle of Infinite Stars (H 2/2), Terror in the Mists (N) and Renataki's Soul Charm (LFR). Which of these are the better? I believe Vicious Talisman is a clear winner for the first spot, but what about the other? Getting to hardcap expertise is out of the question, so no need to think about that right now. (Guardian is my off spec so most of the gear im using for feral dps, cant optimize with crit gems etc.) Thanks

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    Normal Terror and the LFR Renataki are both pretty close. Terror comes out barely ahead for pure RPS though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arielle View Post
    Normal Terror and the LFR Renataki are both pretty close. Terror comes out barely ahead for pure RPS though.
    I'm interested in knowing which tools you use to determine things like this. Would be nice to do this one self, instead of having to ask all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arctagon View Post
    I'm interested in knowing which tools you use to determine things like this. Would be nice to do this one self, instead of having to ask all the time.
    Just my RPS spreadsheet. You can get it yourself at TiB (link in sig).

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    Alright, finally have some more light shed on the whole Jin'rokh spike damage issue I've been having... sort of.

    Verified it doesn't have anything to do with the Rune trinket (thank goodness), just happened to be up most of the time it occurred. Sadly, I think it's a client-server issue, and it may actually be fairly severe if it truly affects our survivability. After moving through my logs and the timestamps associated with certain events, the damage spikes because I've been losing bear form prior to the hit that kills me. Now if the damage reduction from being in bear form wouldn't have saved me, I would write it off as just combat log latency, but when a melee hit that would normally hit for around 250k actually hits for double and barely overkills you with no other sources of damage being relevant, I get sort of suspicious since I could've survived the hit.

    [20:17:12.975] Jin'rokh the Breaker hits XXXX 126515 (A: 117826) *approx 391k HP prior to hit
    [20:17:14.495] Jin'rokh the Breaker hits XXXX 256218 *approx 601k HP prior to hit
    [20:17:15.766] XXXX's Bear Form fades from XXXX
    [20:17:15.997] Jin'rokh the Breaker hits XXXX 439924 (O: 45189)
    [20:17:16.448] XXXX dies

    Above is an excerpt from our WoL parse, removed the healing portions to save space (added my approximate HP remaining prior to hits instead, was running with about 720k HP w/o shaman inflation). Should be noted there was no other raid damage sources other than melee hits during this time. As can be seen, my HP prior to the last two hits should've been more than ample to survive even without the minor healing I received in between since normal melee hits are always around 250k. I took the liberty of being melee'd down on wipes in caster form to get a rough idea how much that would hurt, and it's actually spot on to the amounts I take in these situations.

    What appears to happen is that the server determines that I have died using calculations ignoring bear form damage reductions. Don't know if this is a server-client latency issue, seems convoluted at best. Unfortunately, I have more logs showing this specifically with Jin'rokh, haven't had time to check other fights yet.

    *edit* - On a slightly related note, I should have some logs in 2-3 days concerning Rune or Re-Origination that I can post, so we can get some proc/uptime data. Hoping some other Guardians out there have acquired this trinket and are testing it.
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    Armory link? Need to know how your stats in order to verify if that's the case.

    Also, can you include Bear Form in this query?

    (targetname="Arielle" and sourcename ="Jin'rokh the Breaker") or spell="Bear Form"
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    Added the query, only thing that shows up is occasional refreshing of Bear Form throughout the logs, although I think Incarnation might be causing that since I rarely ever powershift. However, I wasn't using Incarnation at the times of these deaths.

    Thought my armory links was in my signature, guess I haven't updated that in forever. Anyways, here's one of my druid tanks in question concerning Jin'Rokh. Ironically, I have a few bear tanks, maybe it's a druid thing. Had a couple gear changes today to mess around with certain pieces, but the stats are roughly the same, maybe slightly less haste until I fix my reforges, since most were "2 minute break before next pull" reforges.

    *edit* - Oh, reminds me: more details for Rune or Re-Origination, since I got it on two druid tanks now. The good news is that I can relay what I got tonight, which was a vast improvement over last week on my @%!# druid (it's a loving name, long story). Only have the following bosses since I didn't use Rune on the first couple bosses, forgot I had it on this druid:

    Magaera: 18.2% uptime, 8 procs, 7:19 length
    Ji-kun: 21.2% uptime, 9 procs, 7:03 length
    Durumu: 21.0% uptime, 8 procs, 6:20 length
    Primordius: 28.6% uptime, 12 procs, 7:02 length
    Dark Animus: 27.4% uptime, 7 procs, 4:15 length
    Iron Qon: 13.6% uptime, 10 procs, 12:17 length
    Twin Consorts: 14.2% uptime, 8 procs, 9:22 length

    Overall, these numbers are much better than last week on my other druid, although it's showing the inherent randomness of the trinket proc, as well. Comparing Primordius to Iron Qon, even with 5 extra minutes of a fight I had 2 less procs. If anything, I can chalk up last week's overall low numbers to bad RNG... although that could mean this week's results are abnormally high, as well. Still, I'd like to see what other druid tanks are getting, more data is better. I'll try to remember to do WoL parses on my other druid, since I don't raid on him until later in the raid week.

    *edit #2* - ...forgot I logged out with my Orgrimmar teleport cloak, fixed that.
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    It looks like that is what's happening.

    Armor in Bear: 0.63212007807778588422715949049585
    Armor in Caster: 0.28550994110278628526625066265373

    (256218 / (1-0.63212007807778588422715949049585) = 696471.82336353674832962138084633
    696471.82336353674832962138084633 * (1-0.28550994110278628526625066265373) = 497622.19409526319824654910053658

    But if Bear Form isn't fading before the melee attack I don't understand how it could be happening :\

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    Off topic to what you guys are discussing, but it looks like Symbiosis is bugged again. Last night while doing ji-kun and after a wipe I would still have the symbiosis buff active on me, but the person I cast it on didn't. Only way to correct it was to click the buff off me and recast it on my target. This was happening to the resto druid in my group too, but it wasn't consistently happening every wipe.

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    Heya peeps, it's me again. Don't know if you remember me but I was asking information on how to bear : P. Turns out that your info was amazing since from then I had no problem tanking.

    Recently I reached 3k Valor with my druid and I don't know how to spend them, for example should I take the hit trinket ? Can you tell me what would you take in my position ?

    Here is my armory :

    Just to clear out, this character will only LFR.

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    If you only do LFR, then it doesn't really matter what you go with because you won't ever have any problems tanking it anyway. I'd still go with the biggest upgrade ilvl wise, at least to begin with. The bracers are a 60 ilvl upgrade. Then trinket. Switch out Vial first. There's no way you need survivability trinkets at LFR level. Try to get your paws on the trinket from the first boss in ToT as well.

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    Definetly bracers first, from then on all the other options are pretty much equal since its lfr.

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    Going to do some progression raiding tomorow on Horridon and Council (finally we have enough peeps to go!).

    I was wondering if you guys had some pointers for these two fights tankingwise and gearwise? Also would like some word on my stamina.

    Dis my durid:

    Also have:
    Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage 489
    Iron Protector Talisman 471
    Relic of Niuzao 476

    Arrowflight Medallion 496
    Searing Words 471
    Bottle of Infinite Stars 497

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    If you tank him, keep your SD up when he is not doing his swipe as you can dodge his melee attacks. FR on his Swipes.

    For the adds, I am running with typhoon+vortex. If you have aggro issue in picking the adds up, save your incarnation to the time when you have 2 big adds down at the same time. Gives you a growl only on GCD.

    While tanking Malakk, keep your SD + any dodge trinket + monks symbiosis up when he has the debuff stacking buff on (don't remember the name, but it's the one which stuns you on 15 stacks). If you dodge plenty of his melee attacks when he has his buff up, you can reset your stacks.

    As for your trinket choice, IDK really. I go with the Vicious dodge clicky from Shadopan and Vial of Dragonblood.
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    FR on his Swipes.
    Or just, move out of them. Agree with the rest tho.

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