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    RPS build for wind lord, nothing else is even close. Just use all your rage on savage defense, and when it's on cooldown if you have excess rage, such as during berserk, use it to heal yourself. FR does way more than the new maul debuff. To make it easy, just use mangle > keep trash up > swipe > trash, and spam SD.

    For reforgelite, i have it set to:
    Hit & exp (both to 7.5%) @ 200 > Crit & exp (7.5-15%) @ 150 > Haste @ 100 > Dodge/Mastery @ 50.
    I've chosen to set exp hardcap and crit at the same, so I won't lose a shitload of crit just to get exp more capped, since I gain less from it.

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    Okay, now 2 questions left:

    - Can anyone help me to decide what gems and enchants I should put on specific gear?
    - I don't understand how I can edit the stats weight on reforgelite?

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    For Reforgelite, is this right configged?

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    I just did gemmed/enchanted/reforged. Is this fine or not?

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    You have to click advanced mode.
    I wouldn't go that far just to hit 15% exp in sacrifice of like 2.4k crit rating which is 3.6k in bear.
    Also, for your gems I would say go for pure crit in yellow sockets, crit & expertise in red sockets and crit & stamina in blue socket. Crit and hit works in blue sockets if you don't have enough from gear.
    Took some time to check and help you. This is how I would do having your gear, if you don't want to buy an expensive enchant such as dancing steel, just keep windsong.
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    Thank you very much for the effort, Axzer!

    But still, I don't understand how to use Reforgelite for editing stats weights. :S
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    Just check that box and set the weights I said, and click calculate and it should set them to the optimal settings.
    Don't mind my settings, they don't work at too low gearlevels.

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    So, is this setting now good?

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    You should set expertise value after 2550 (not 2500) to 150, or it will prioritize haste over it aswell, meaning you will not get that much.
    I would still advise that you change your gems to what I said before, and the stamina meta gem.
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    And I fixed the gems right now.

    Now let me check the settings for reforge.

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    But anyways, thank you very very much, Axzer!

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    nevermind this, match was completely off
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    Well yeah. Incarnation beats the living crap out of SoTF ever since the auto attack Rage buff.

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    How does auto attack rage buff have anything to do with those 2? For the most part they only affect mangle ^.-
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    Quote Originally Posted by axzer View Post
    How does auto attack rage buff have anything to do with those 2? For the most part they only affect mangle ^.-
    Because Mangle is such a small portion of our overall RPS now, we don't have to rely on its consistency to generate Rage. That comes from Autos.

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    Mel'jarak went down!
    And I mentioned to the RL to let me DPS, and do one-tank fight.
    So that did helped.

    Thank you guys for helping me out.
    Yesterday we killed Mel'jarak and Amber-shaper.
    Maybe tomorrow we are going for Grand Empress Shek'zeer!!

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    Expertise soft cap or hard cap? Which should I go for normal mode tanking. As I can reach the exp. hard cap easily.

    What should the stat weights for wowreforge be, as I'm using that for reforging? (It doesn't automatically set the weights for guardians (does for prot. pallies though). I set usually set:
    crit: 2
    hit/exp: 1.8ish
    haste: 1.6ish
    mastery: 1.4ish
    And leave dodge out all together...

    Also am I correct to assume that fights what require mitigation I should go with Relic of Niuzao+Vial of Dragon Blood and for everything else Bottle of Infinite Stars+Terror in the Mists? All my trinkets are LFR versions.

    Does the proc from Stuff of Nightmares stack with Vial of Dragon Blood (don't have the stuff yet)?

    Come to think of that all other trinkets but Relic, Vial, Terror, Stuff and Bottle are pointless.... Or am I mistaking again?
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    The other trinkets aren't useless, they are still good if you cannot obtain the 5 you mentioned. For example, you can use the dominance trinket w/ use on crit versus Terror if you are unlucky with drops or cannot get Le Shi down.
    Ya I think for farm stuff or dps race, I'd use Terror + Bottle. For fights where I need mitigation such as Heroic Sha, I'd use Relic + Vial or Bottle (For me, bottle is ilvl510 since I upgraded it versus vial ilvl 496).

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    All my trinkets are from LFR (as my guild, will be lucky if we manage to clear MSV, not to mention anything else) and I have 4/5, just missing the Stuff of Nightmare. Thanks for that. Now I know that I should most definetely leave trinkets out of my reforges from both specs. I just "labeled" the other trinkets as useless, cause saves me the VP which I can use to upgrade my gear.

    Would like to add something to my first question, regarding expertise caps. I compared my different Blade Lord Logs, with me being expertise soft capped I got around 19 parries on our longer fight. Being bit over the soft cap, I got around 11 parries. Those were taken from the longest fights. And our kill I had 9 parries.

    Only thing that changed extra to me being less parried was that I did 1-2k more DPS. Dunno about rage generation, It felt the same, if a tiny bit faster, but just a tiny amount.

    Should I still strive for the expertise hard cap, to take away the chance of me getting parried (though 19ish parries in a 8-9 minute fight is not that bad, is it?). Or should I just go for soft cap, and toss absolutely everything else into crit?
    Mari of Punished (EU, social raiding group/guild)
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    I have ~9-10% expertise, I usually avg 3-8 parries (2-3 melee, 1 lacerate, 1-2 thrash). Something along that line, of course can be higher or lower depending on rng of course. I don't strive for hard cap expertise, I just go for near hit and soft expertise cap, then crit all the way. If a piece already has crit, I'll reforge the other stat to expertise.
    I'm comfortable w/ my current 9-10% expertise, as it shifts around that range with pieces of gear I swap.

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    As Williee was just stating, not being expertise hard capped is not a real detriment at all, but it is taking a risk assuming RNG will be in your favor (albeit a likely small risk). The argument with hit/exp with any class/spec is that reaching respective caps puts RNG in your favor in terms of actually connecting with abilities.

    The big decision comes when another stat helps you achieve the same goal. For example, I tank along side a Prot warrior, so we both want to maximize our RPS. His decision is easy to expertise hard cap, because it's more important to ensure his abilities connect to generate rage. For a Guardian, the decision is not so easy since both expertise hard-capping and crit stacking both move towards increased RPS, the real difference is the potential versus reliability.

    Stacking crit will give you a better RPS potential, while expertise hard-capping will give you better RPS reliability. While I haven't personally expertise hard-capped (impossible with my current gear set), I run around 8% expertise with a focus on crit. While most situations I don't have any issues, I occasionally have problems with rage generation because of unlucky parry strings and/or non-crits. Just last week I had a string of 6 Mangle parries in a row during an Incarnation, and while the likelihood of this occuring is low with my gear set, going expertise hard-cap removes these occurrences. A more common occurrence is that I can't seamlessly apply SD when I desire because I don't connect with a Mangle/auto-attack. Nothing annoys me more than being stuck at 56-59 rage and my next Mangle/auto-attack doesn't connect.

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    There is no "right" answer as to whether any one person 'should' get 15% Expertise - unless you're talking about DPS.

    For Rage generation it's entirely up to you to determine how you feel about varying levels of Hit and Expertise. All we can really tell you is it's less average RPS than Crit or Haste, but the tradeoff is that your generation is more consistent.

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    Just thought I'd stop by and share all of my bear stuff. Seems to be lots of discussion so here's my posted information!

    Guardian Stat Weights
    Savage Defense vs Frenzied Regen
    Glyph or Unglyphed FR, That Is The Question
    Guardian Druid BiS Items Breakdown

    There is a ton of bear pov's and other off topic kitty stuff as well throughout the blog. Always welcome feedback.

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