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    Not trying to start a flamewar and I don't mind it but... putting the words "guide" and "Guardian" in the same line warrants about 4 short paragraphs.

    - Push the 3 buttons for ragegen/dps
    - Stack Mastery and MS
    - push SD if dodgable, FR otherwise
    - nvm, no #4, you're good to go

    Most other stuff is general tank business or encounter specific shenaningans. Some of those are very useful, like dodging Blade Dashes with GoE. But that's not core of spec guides.
    I'm sure it's not just the simplicity of the class tho, the lack of Guardian playerbase contributes at least as much as well. The latter is changing and should even more so in 6.2 at least.

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    Gothmog is pretty spot on. I took my alt druid on a HC spin for three resets in a row and was dreadfully bored, on top of that looking at the plain bear model kills one of my biggest joys: going for a good mog.

    Now I'm gearing a Warrior and it's a blast.

    Favourites so far: Monk > Warr > DK > Druid.

    No exp on pally :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by redi View Post
    Made some WeakAuras if anyone's interested, it includes a miniature rotation helper

    WA String:
    These are great, BTW. Thanks!!

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    Since this thread is hopelessly outdated we are moving the discussion to a new sticky, found here:


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