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    Balance PVP after the patch

    Hey, guys

    Can you please provide feedback how you fare as moonkin against the following classes:

    1. Ret pala
    2. Frost/Unholy DK
    3. Arms warrior
    4. Frost mage
    5. Fire mage
    6. Affliction lock

    My druid is not in the appropriate gear to test it myself so any input will be highly appreciated. Thanx!

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    Ret paladins for now are back to being a 1 man army.

    Dk's aren't an issue, just solar beam them. If you get low you can always heal.

    Warriors are scary, especially with spell reflect.

    Both mage specs are killable, its a pretty equal match.

    Locks are difficult to kill.

    Our class got better overall at dueling, but that's not really our strength. We still do the most damage in battlegrounds, we do amazing pressure on all targets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by earthwormjim View Post
    We still do the most damage in battlegrounds, we do amazing pressure on all targets.
    ^ this. I'm actually gonna do battlegrounds on my boomy now! Used to hate it.
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    Is it possible to hard-cast now? In cata balance were stuck with dot spam most of the time since starfire and even wrath feel so slow in pvp. Did it improve? Is it easier to cast than before?

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    1. Ret pala
    2. Frost/Unholy DK
    3. Arms warrior
    4. Frost mage
    5. Fire mage
    6. Affliction lock
    Ret's are VERY kiteable. When they freedom typhoon them back. If they waste all their holy power on healing they arn't dealing damage. You can easily heal through their ranged damage (Judge, Exp and harsh word if glyphed) with Rejuv.

    DKs, are a joke IMO. Keep your distance. When they grip you go Travel form > Wild charge away and keep kiteing. Make sure to keep moving and keep applying MF/SF.

    Arms warriors are a bit more interesting to fight against. You can kite them. When they put up spell reflect just use Soothe on them to get rid of it. Barkskin their throwdown. do NOT trinket their fear. Keep rejuv up at all times. The issue comes with once you push them into Second Wind health %, you can't just widdle them down with DoTs. Best course imo is kite them, HoT n DoT till they get low THEN use cds to push them dead through second wind.

    Mages: We out damage them. When they blow CDs you can get away with Wild Charge. Or root > Solar beam. The issue is they can spell steal Rejuv. At least when we have LB and Rejuv it took 3-4 globals to clear us. You need to juke their CD so you can hard cast healing touches. Rejuv blanketing yourself won't let you live. They are the hardest class atm for 1v1 IMO.

    Afflic locks: You can litteraly heal through their damage right now.. I let my 2.1k afflic lock buddy dump damage into me and i was living with ease for a good 3-4 min by keeping rejuv up and using HT. Make sure to use solar beam to kick them on SHADOW! Also DoT their pets as well. More chances at shooting star procs as well as killing the pet >

    if you have any questions feel free to check out the 5.0 Balance pvp guide!

    hope this helped,

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    boomkins are very viable in pvp right now, i can tell just from playing them. boomkins as of 5.0.4 are one of the classes i have the most trouble killing as a hunter, pally is the other. you guys can heal yourself amazingly in any spec.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregz21 View Post
    Is it possible to hard-cast now? In cata balance were stuck with dot spam most of the time since starfire and even wrath feel so slow in pvp. Did it improve? Is it easier to cast than before?
    You could always hard cast, we have two separate schools of magic, if you get interrupted in one school, instantly switch to another. Just NEVER hard cast starsurge.

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    I got no idea how you moonkins are doing well in Bgs :P if its a blood DK i just walk away there healing is way to much arm. ret paladins just laugh at me and kill me in there HoJ stun.. my dots / casts feel weak as hell :/ i know im missing PvP power but... dam xD i feel so weak and useless atm.. (Aint played in months so gear is very old) i just hope if i play mop in XX months moonkin will be atm. Atm everything just rofl stomps me as if im nothing. getting there 40k crits while im brely hitting 20k like.. hmm.. ok... paladins got better dots then me now AWESOME!

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    Haha i asked myself the same question, everytime i heard "yeah moonkins are OP too" and stuff like that ... well i was not able to confirm it, in fact i did so less damage that i wasn´t even able to kill someone who was just standing there and i was dead as soon as a hunter, warrior, range class or rogue was ontop of me... i died in seconds way before i could escape with travelform and dot my target up ...

    reason was, despite i had 40-50% resilence i was squishi as hell, so i geared up to see if i am even interested in playing mookin coming MoP.

    After getting full season 11 PvP gear things changed dramatically, i was now able to survive with rejuvation up, was able to heal for 20-30k noncrit with healing touch etc.

    The most important thing but was , geaing an reforging to as much crit as possible the reason is, crits with our dots are procing our instant starsurgeds and in pvp i do mostd amage with these, after doting up multiple targets i get one instant starsurge every 2 seconds ... i had fights where i crited someone from 100-0 in a few secons just with procs.

    Moonkins are finally somehwat vailable, but i would not even closly say they are OP or even on par.

    Reason is, our damage is heavyly related on our dots, dispelling them means we´re stuck with eitehr dotimg up everything again or casting ... since we´re no mages , most of the time i have no window to freely cast.

    Talents are somewhat very exchangeable but i do recommend taifun and feral charge to have atleast something to get yur oponent away from you ... casting roots or cyclone will be interupted and natures grasp will break even on our dots .

    So again, after you geared up it feels like a completely different class, however some specs like hunters are still destroying me without anything i can do, atleast BM hunters, you can´t cc their pets and you can´t cast ... trying to heal yourself will lead to silence or so heavyly extended casting times due to damag epushbacks that you lost yur healed health as soon as you finished.

    I am still not sure if i like the spec or not and if i will continue playing my druid... for the first time i can actually see my character and got rid of the stupid owl, but still the class feels so cluncky in pvp since all you do is spaming dots and wating for a second or two where you aren´t focused to cast one or two spells ... so the majority of pvp looks like this:

    Trying to survive heavy pressure you´re allways under as a moonkin,
    Doting up everything that is on sight,
    Hoping for Starsurge procs to do some damage ... and sometimes someone is going to die.

    Moonkins do alot of damage in BGs but so do hunters, mages and even rogues ... but we do this damage simply because of the fact that we can dot up 10+ targets which is normally in other pvp enviroments not possible.
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    I'm finding it a struggle in PVP also as a boomkin. In BG I can pull out generally top 5 dps but that's from just spamming dots, starsurge procs and shooting stars. We might be able to do lots of blanket damage but healers are just removing that instantly. Finding 1v1 difficult against quite a few classes, mages mostly, they seem to hit me for stupid numbers with instant cast spells one after another even when in non PVP gear.

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    Mages are somewhat doable for me now, they tend to counterspell your nukes so try to nuke them with arcane damage spells, this will leave your healing touch casteable ... and you shoudk abuse it, a mage can´t heal easily so you can tank him down if needed, just don´t let him cast you below 50% or the burst will kill you, dots + starsurge mostly is enough to kill a mage

    also with ursols vortex+solar beam you can cripple the mages damage for a long time giving you free time to heal yourself up and prepar a cast

    though you need atleast 55% resilence and by every means keep you rejuvation up, the mag emight spellsteal it but it crits for 10k on BGs for me wich is enormous selfhealing

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    The amount of damage and self healing that classes can do now is just stupid, shadow priests literally killing me in a global, just going to wait till mop to try any pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talime View Post
    ...and by every means keep you rejuvation up, the mage might spellsteal it but it crits for 10k on BGs for me wich is enormous selfhealing
    The Mage WILL Spellsteal Rejuv, and he will thank you for it too. :P

    I will burn your soul.

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    Was in a BG just there and out of the 15 times a single mage hit me, 13 were crits...

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    I might reforge all my armor to crit instead of haste now it feels more viable. in WSG in the tunnel moonkins rock harder then anything. Solar Beam / Ursol vortex, spam dots and battlekin and alighment up aswell. we damage people so hard and fast and just fun watching people die :P.

    1v1 i dont think we ever be as good as other casters. Warlocks doing there fel bolt thing for 10k hits all the time or even more, Mages just CCing you so much. silences, stuns, roots everything...

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    Boomkins do good in long battles. Classes that are able to burst you are hard because you have no real hard cd you can hit. I have found mages and good warriors very hard to kill. Affliction locks are easy because they try to kill you slowly but we have our heals so we will end up winning. Dks are really not that hard, you just have to kite smart. I am not really sure about ret pallys, never faced one.

    Mages are probably the hardest for me. Try to dot them and use your roots/silence to stop them from casting, then if you get low you can root them, los them then heal yourself.
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    The hardest to beat are Shadow Priests IMHO

    They have too many fears and those do not share a DR, silence + Spectral guise (aka smokebomb) every 30 sec...

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