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    How long to keep data for Auctioneer

    I'm totally confused on how data is maintained with this extension. I'd think that having 6 months worth of data would be far better than 1 week. I've heard from guides that every 1 to 2 weeks, the data should be cleaned out.. I'd think that cleaning it out would mean wiping data and historic amounts for those items so if I see an item that's 32% off then that's based on the oldest scan data, if the scan data is being cleaned every two weeks then it wouldn't be accurate.

    Any help with this would be awesome, I'm really trying to figure it out.


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    Depends on the market really... if it changes wildly then there's no point keeping old data (unless it repeats and you can use it to predict it). Data from before WoD and even the beginning would be useless now as prices would skyrocket at the start and then drop as the weeks went on. Seeing that crafted gear sold at 40k+ is useless when there's 50 of them on the AH for 4k each now.

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    People still use auctioneer? i thought everyone was using TSM lol

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    I get not keeping things that old but two weeks seems very short to me.

    Can you suggest a timeframe if you're experienced with it?

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    Since you may want to take into account weekly fluctuations, such as when people are working etc then maybe 2 weeks is the minimum you should keep.
    I would guess at a month being sufficient.
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