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    My pick would be Vancouver if I ever decided to move outside the states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnorei View Post
    This one is hard, I like Ecuador and Peru because of their Inca history, but today they aren't that great.

    Then I like Canada, but recently they seem to have more problems too, lots of laws that limit freedom and such. Argentina is nice, but they have crazy guerilla movements... You know what, I'll take Chile, they're a strip of land, they do have a bit of the Inca stuff, they go from desert to glaciers on mountains and have a relative nice economy. Maybe I'm wrong, but whenever I look at them, I see them as a Poland of South America. And I like Poland.
    Canada is probably the most free country in the americas, where did you get this idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raybourne View Post
    Canada is probably the most free country in the americas, where did you get this idea?
    All countries in America are free, other than the illegal human market there and there.

    Which happens everywhere in the world, specially where prostitution is illegal.

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    Got a solid pitch in for Canada specifically Alberta. Strong economy, solid infrastructure, no bullshit backstabbing political shit like you find in other area's, great health care, equality for all etc. the list goes on but thats where I pitch my vote.

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    Canada gets my vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dwarf Lover View Post
    Hmm, this is a hard one... I haven't been to South America at all, besides a Caribbean cruise, so I'll have to pick my home country, Canada.
    The Caribbean is not in South America...
    Keep The Beats!

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    I like what I've heard about Brazil (apart from the way some people who have to grow up on the streets have it).

    Heck, they even won the bid and examination for the 2016 Olympics so that's a decent plus (not that it's an absolute measure).

    On the other hand this summer has been pretty eye-opening for me regarding what a joke it is monetarily just to host and then run the Olympics so I wonder about the aftermath. Oh! And the 2014 World Cup! I'm not a sports fanatic, is that kind of expenditure at least half as bad as the Olympics? Brazil, you so crazy! Put it to good use!
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