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    H Madness: Congealed Bloods after 5.0.4

    Any one else having problems with them? We've killed H madness 6 or 7 times so far, and never had a problem with it once we got the first kill. In fact I believe we one shot it the past 3 weeks. Anyway, last night, HOLY FUCK BLOODS GETTING TO THE BOSS. The only change in raid comp was we didnt have our mage, which admittedly hurts our aoe a bit, but it was ridiculous. boss was gaining at least 2-3% health back every set, which would cause yet another set to spawn as soon as it dropped back below that % mark again. Is this all due to rogues crippling poison not being 80% anymore? What can we do about it? it seems no matter how much dps we had it wasn't enough to burst down them bloods.

    Our comp last night (it usually varies by one or two classes every week):
    2X pally tanks (one went ret on 1tank/2heal attempts)
    priest healer (has both holy and disc, dunno which he was)
    Resto Druid
    Holy pally (went ret on 1tank/2heal attempts)
    Rogue (legendaries)
    Hunter (BM for bloodlust)
    Frost dk
    Feral Kitty (is casting hurricane for spellweave procs better than their limited cat aoe?)

    EDIT: before anyone asks, yes our healers were dpsing the bloods too. Priest was mind searing, druid dropped hurricane

    any advice would be greatly appreciated....not that we need much gear from H madness anymore (i would'nt mind a H Gurth to lvl with for a bit come MoP, though) but there's a couple people that still want the mount, but after last night I don't even wanna do that damn fight again, lol

    also, as a side-note, on one attempt something bugged out with vengeance and one of our tanks was doing 188k+ dps for the first platform, lawl. he crit with shield of righteousness (i think thats what it's called) for over 1million dmg...rushed patch was rushed, imo.
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    There's a bug where they can't be slowed I think, could be your problem.

    Oh and Tank DPS isn't bugged, it's the new Vengeance mechanic, remember it's all scaled for 90.
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    Bloods are bugged right now, they cant be slowed. From what I read on the forums DK's glyphed for DnD are the only class that can still slow them.
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    Don't suppose you got them blinking once or twice?
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    I had no problem with them last night O_o. In fact they were easier than usual lol. Also your BM hunter possible wouldn't be doing as much damage as Pet's are bugged on Madness at times, resulting in no pet AOE damage.

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    Take a look at this thread, it has a list with working and not working spells. It's not completed yet but gives you enough spells to slow them.

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    Bloods can still be slowed, just not as much as before. that jump from the 70% rogue slow to only the 50% that most classes do can suprise you, but you have to just be more focused for them. Try using a class that does have a 70% slow if you really think you will need it (only class I am aware of atm that has the 70% slow is warlock with either (affliction) Soulburn CoE or (demonology) shadowflame).

    If you dont believe me, try pushing deathwing and then not putting any slows down, and watch those bitches ROCKET to him.

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    We had some issues with our first attempt, but I switched from using Living Bomb to Frost Bomb. The slow from my bomb seemed to be just what was needed to kill the bloods. I am assuming that the Frost DK was using chillblains at that point? Its only a 50% slow, but lasts longer than than a mage's frost bomb slow.

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    Yeah, we definitely had them slowed, just not as slow as before. It's just mind boggling that 20% less slow can make a fight go from basically face-rollable to nigh impossible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nitromonger View Post
    I am assuming that the Frost DK was using chillblains at that point? Its only a 50% slow, but lasts longer than than a mage's frost bomb slow.
    yup, i had chillblains, and we had hunters frost trap, a rogue FoKing with crippling, all the usual slows were there.
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    What I heard is that they can be "slowed", but not "snared".

    Since it is hard to know what this means... We used hunter traps and shaman slow... Then the bloods really got slow, so at least one of them does work.

    Neither my blastwave nor my Blizzard (that now does slow) didn´t affect them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    There's a bug where they can't be slowed I think, could be your problem.

    Oh and Tank DPS isn't bugged, it's the new Vengeance mechanic, remember it's all scaled for 90.
    They can be slowed. We killed it Tuesday with our normal comp, using the Rogue to slow them. We burned them down.

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    Killed it fine on Wednesday, but we had our Mage use Frost Bomb w/ instant explosion to slow adds. Pretty sure the DK we had using Chillblains and Rogue w/ Crippling was working fine as well.

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    last night seemed like they were able to be slowed in our group.
    couldn't kill them all missing 6-7 people though lol

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    Anyone else still experiencing this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delanath View Post
    Anyone else still experiencing this?
    My guild had issues with this yesterday night, we only had 2x shaman earthbind totems for slowing, and it seemed like they weren't working properly.

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    There is a ton of stuff that works. I think you just need to get to bloods a couple of times, to make the raid realize they all actually have to go all out on getting bloods down now. There are a TON of slows that work, no comp should have any issue. In OPs comp I can at least see following working: 2xHurricane (glyphed), Frost Trap (sometimes has issues triggering from bloods) and Death and Decay (glyphed).

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    bloods bugs every slow doesn't work on them now for some reason

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    it's harder than it used to be but certainly not impossible. "just 20% difference in slow" is in fact almost factor of 2 , 30% of remaining speed versus 50%.
    Our group yesterday was also very close to yours, with highest aoe damage dealers being feral cat, frost DK, rogue (mount buyer).
    we lost 1 dps earlier due to extra button derp and we used 1 tank 3 heal composition.

    don't overdo slow abilities. if everyone will use all slows they have, nobody will dps. we used trap, glyphed DnD, new druid area slow ability and shaman totem - all can be cast in advance and don't interfere with dps. Adds were slowed all the way through so some combination of those abilities certainly worked.
    feral cat dps doing hurricane? nonsense. We got ridiculous AoE burst with this patch. I stood 1st on congealing blood damage with a big gap from the 2nd (frost DK)
    Also, stack dots on boss before the adds spawn. 1-2 adds are often running through but if DW will take some damage in a meantime, he won't heal enough to jump over x5% threshold.
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    We have had no issues slowing them last night or first day of patch, dont know any guild that did either, no offence but i think its time to stop using bugs as an excuse for the inability to slow, demo warlock and mage frostorb slows work just fine and are 70%.

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    We killed it fine last night. Didnt noticed anything out of the ordinary.

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