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    Glyph of Charm Woodland Creature :3

    So I'm aware this glyph is currently very buggy on live right now but.... good news! There does seem to be a number of critters that aren't considered 'invalid target's, so I thought I'd create a thread where we could share which critters work and where we can find them

    To get things rolling here's the most interesting critter I've successfully charmed, Tekton the exploding sheep from Elwynn Forest, looks awesome! <3

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    I managed to charm a rabbit outside stormwind... but it didn't follow me - just stayed still with the swirl over its head.
    /sad panda

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    I charmed one of those killer bunnies behind thunder bluff, but they wouldn't follow me either :<
    Just for the record, all the killer critters over there are charm-able, and keep their weapons once charmed :3

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    Good idea on the thread. I'll play around tonight and see if I can contribute any to the list. ^^

    I love this spell, so cute.
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    I was rather curious if the reason the Charm Woodland Creatures gives so many invalid targets is that the critters targeted are actually pet battle critters (and we can't see them as such since we haven't trained for pet battles). Anyways, I haven't found any critters that will follow me yet, either. >.<

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    Same here... didn't follow me

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    Yeah, I'm still getting nothing but invalid targets. Conjure Familiar is bugged on mages as well, or at least on mine. I think this is an issue with all minor glyphs that teach a new spell, all accross the board, but I could be wrong.
    If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.

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    I went to Elwynn Forest to charm Tekton, and surprisingly it followed me around, but after using my HS it disappeared
    It's been the only critter that has worked so far, the others just stand there, being minions, but won't follow me

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