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    [Resto] Stats for Challenge Mode?

    What would be the best stats for challenge mode for a Resto Shaman.

    I currently have a lot of pieces for each slot over 630 ilvl.
    For raids, I use Mastery > Haste > Crit = Multristrike > Versatility

    I'm wondering what is the best stat weight for 5 mans.
    I think Haste-Crit could be good, what do you think would be the best stats?

    My tank is a blood DK.


    Also, what about trinkets?

    The list I have is:
    -Everburning Candle (+intel w/ mana on use)
    -Auto-repairing Autoclave (+spirit w/ haste proc)
    -Blackiron Micro Crucible (+intel w/ multristrike proc)
    -Winged Hourglass 3/3 (+intel w/ spirit proc)
    -Shards of Nothing (+intel w/ haste on use)
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    My personal preference would be mastery/crit. Admittedly, I haven't gone for golds yet, but crit and mastery seemed to be most useful, given that surge seemed to be the go to spell.

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