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    So this is the attitude of the GW2 management...ill never go back lol

    just watch....if you havent already. [email protected] management has their heads up their butts!!!


    Has GW2 become this arrogant because of their initial success? How can you play and feel comfortable now, i mean "WOOPS that was an exploit im gone now!"
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    Wasn't there already a post about this?

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    Yeah, this post has already happened and been locked before.

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    There have already been plenty of discussions about bannings ect.

    And FYI he, like many others, were banned for an exploit, and can get their pemanent ban reduced to a 3 day ban with a simple e-mail to ArenaNet. These people knew what they were doing wasn't intended and abused it. They agreed to the same ToS/EULA that everyone else did.

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