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    Favorite class and crafting discussion!

    I'm just curious how everyone is doing with their classes at the moment

    Over the past year constantly looking at new updates for guild wars and I was 110% excited for the engineer..
    So when the time came, I made myself a Charr engineer and was having fun, logged out and got my Alt-oholic tendecy and made a different class. Sylvari thief, and let me tell you it blew my socks off. I have fallen in love with this class and im only level 20, I just wish we could have had a selection of vioces to chose from because the sylvari voice is a little weak for a "bad ass"

    As far as professions I went with the basic leather worker and huntsman.. A little dissapointed because when I get the materials to make an item the gear I have is already better. So I'm wondering about other professions that are fun that make some good money. I'm going to miss being able to make bags

    I'm curious to see what classes have just swept you off your feet and you just absolutely love to play; and why

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    no one really?
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