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    Complete all zones vs Crafting your own gear

    When I started the game I said I am going to complete all the maps of each tier as I level up. I was going to do all the 1-15 areas first since downscaling allow you to play those areas and also have profit. But from the other hand what I love in games is craft my own armor during leveling. And here is the problem.. If I chose to complete all zones during leveling, I will outlevel by far the crafting gear I can make with the materials, making my crafting skills useless for myself and maybe only useful for my alts. Although give the small shared bank, I cannot stock gear in my bank for alts while I am leveling my main.

    Somehow the game force me to always move to the next tier areas if I ever want to stay on par with my crafting professions and craft upgrades for myself. With my warrior I got Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing. I have completed Queensdale and the Norn Area 100% and I was 22 before I had to go to Kessex Hills to find Iron and tier 2 fine crafting materials. I am now 26 and didn't manage to make me full level 25 upgrades even if I was always running around to gather materials and killing mobs for fine materials.

    Fine crafting materials from the other hand is pain if you farm them alone. Since everyone get separate loot, I think Anet have calculated the loot tables having in mind that you farm with 4-5 other people around. But if you are alone, the drop rate/speed of kills are discouraging.

    So I am thinking either to ignore crafting Disciplines for my main and just complete maps/gather (I hate do this though) or to constantly moving to higher tier of maps, leaving lot of content behind for max level and spend lot of time grinding mobs for fine crafting materials, since I have to gather all I need only in one map of each tier. For example if I have to go like this

    a) Queensdale -> Kessex Hills -> Gendarran Fields I have to find all tier 1 materials I need for both professions in Queensdale, means I have to go out of Dynamic events, hearts and exploring, to grind specific mobs for hours for tier1 materials.

    But if I go for

    b)Queensdale -> Wayfarer foothills -> Plains of Ashford -> Caledon forest -> Metrica Province I will gather all the tier1 materials I need just for doing hearts, exploring, Dynamic Events without have to grind specific mobs for hours

    In example (a) I will have to grind for hours specific mobs and leave content behind but I can craft my own gear and my crafting professions is usefull while leveling. In example (b) leveling the professions doesn't feel grindy, gameplay is more fun, complete all content, but crafting professions is useles until max level

    What did you do? How you manage to come around this?
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    From personal experience, having excess mats from doing a multitude of low level areas is not a bad thing. I did 100% completion of just enough level appropriate areas to keep my in line with my story quests (currently level 52), all the while crafting my way up in armorsmithing, and at around level 30-40ish, I ran out of unique mats to continue to upgrade it the 20 someodd points I need to get into my current armor tier of crafting. If the trading post was up more than 20 seconds out of every day this would be a nonissue, but as I'm responsible for my own mats, its a glaring problem. My suggestion is, continue your current strategy until you have passed the level of the zones your currently working on as far as crafting goes (i.e. you're crafting level thirty armor after x number of 1-15 zones) and move on.

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    Well I don't think the trading post would be any help for me as I am running low on gold and generally want to stock for Tier 3 Cultural Armor which is my far goal to have since I find it the most beautiful set

    the other think comes to my mind now is to level y main and my 3 alts at the same time and keep them in same level range, but choosing different maps for each one per tier...for example one will complete Kessex Hills, the other Brisban Wildlands and so on...
    The trick of selling a FFA-PvP MMO is creating the illusion among gankers that they are respectable fighters while protecting them from respectable fights, as their less skilled half would be massacred and quit instead of “HTFU” as they claim.

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    Do B because that is basically what I have done over the last few weeks.

    Started in Wayfarer, than Plains of Ashford. Caledon, Snowden Drifts, Metrica, and now I'm currently on Brisban wildlands.

    Overall I wanted to see the great wall of Ascalon and then other small spots from GW1.

    BTW does anyone know if the Skitt capital in Skittervale(or whatever it's called in Brisban Wildlands) was an old human fort, and which one?

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    My crafting just couldnt keep up with levelling. Will go back to the early zones later and *then* Ill craft ;(

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    @Cyphran: Yeah me too. There are just way to few mats out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    @Cyphran: Yeah me too. There are just way to few mats out there.
    Think it's more that leveling is too easy and fast.

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    Personally I think the drop rate is just too low. I could see the drop rates of higher level claws, totems, and such, being lower than tiny and smalls but the rate seems pretty uniform to me so far. Terrible unless you get lucky with the RNG, but uniform.
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