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    Dynamic Event Discussion Thread

    This is something I think is direly needed, so that people know where all the big name DEs are located (The Shatterer, Tquatl) and where those under-the-radar epic DEs are. So let's all share our dynamic event experiences with each other, so that more people can see the awesome things Tyria has to offer.

    Basic things you'll want to cover in your post:
    -Give a name to your DE (often described by the meta boss at the end)
    -Give the location of you DE
    -Give the minimum level (ish)
    -Give the zone location(use http://gw2cartographers.com/#/show/149/ if you don't want to hop in game to find exact locations)
    -Give the general location in the zone
    -Describe the chain (what happens as the first step that leads to the final big boss, etc)
    -Describe basic strategies (yes, some of the later level DEs can be a little but more challenging)

    Off we go!
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