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    A good two handed sword for heroic sanctified scourgelord?

    Hey guys.

    I have recently rekindled my interest in death knights and I was wondering if anyone knew a good two handed sword to transmog with the heroic sanctified scourgelord? (that is the red armor skin with green glow.)

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    hc glorenzelg from hc LK 25man or the brutal 2h sword.
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    Was just in a raid with a DK that had Kalimdor's Revenge for his sword skin. It's a drop from AQ40.
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    Aye, go for http://www.wowhead.com/item=50730 or http://www.wowhead.com/item=45516 if you like the Wrath look of those, they look awesome!

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    If it wasn't for them fixing the "transmog xrealm in a dungeon" I would say Corrupted Ashbringer. Yes you could transmog to the corrupted ashbringer on a DK with a glitch.

    Either version of Ashkandi (Nef in BWL or Nef in BWD) look pretty cool against the red of the heroic tier 10 armor
    Voldrethar, the dark blade of oblivion (25 General Vezax HM, Ulduar)
    Edge of Agony (10 man twin Valks, TOC/TOGC)
    Glorenzelg High blade of the silver hand (25 HM LK)
    Cataclym's Edge (Archimonde, Mount Hyjal)

    Brutal Gladiator sword is the same as Apolyon, the soul render from Kil'Jaeden in Sunwell.
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    Wrathful/Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword, both can be bought with Honor. Get at it!
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