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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianCC100 View Post
    Northern Shiver Peaks is the dominate PVP server. Mainly because a famous Twitch.TV streamer is on that server
    Who would that be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franksredhot View Post
    Who would that be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimusmc View Post
    I happen to be on northern shiverpeaks
    I'm on Northern Shiverpeaks also and this server is AWESOME in PvP! However, last I checked, they were just under another server when the reset was done. I'm fairly certain they will take over soon if not already though.

    The queue to get into World PvP is around 6 hours on Northern Shiverpeaks from what I've heard. I've not tried because I'm doing PvE all the way to level 80.

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    Desolation [EU] here and we've been rematched numerous times because we keep dominating the opposition. Gandara gave us somewhat of a fightback a while ago, but theyve now been left in our dust The key is very definitely proper defence. Me and another guy were able to hold an entire keep safe for 30 minutes againt an army of 40+, just by repairing the gates.

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    The experience around level 68 earned from defending keeps Is poor.
    Like 3.3k every 20 - 30 minutes : /
    It's the offensive >.< Like yes the 22k happens when you win big, but on another note we spent 5+ minutes killing the Golden Worm o_O 2 Bloody Badges of Honor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alilei32 View Post
    no one really cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alilei32 View Post
    Really? Didn't know that. Whenever I was on Twitch the two guys with the most viewers were Krippi (on Maguuma) or Kungen (on some EU server).

    Anyway, I'm on Northern Shiverpeaks at the minute! The queues are super long for WvWvW, but that's okay for two reasons:

    1) My computer isn't too great so I'm not sure what fps I'd get, but as far as I know it could be fine, and

    2) Transfers are still free - if I want to get off, I can at any time!

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    On blackgate, usually on top, last i saw it was 350,000 and second place was at 50 thousand.

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    Desolation is dominating.... but the queue for WVW is so long

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    Im on Far Shiverpeaks, and it has dominated all wvw battles so far, to the point where we have control of everything on the map. Queues to get in are extremely long.

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    Playing on Gunnar's Hold (EU).Our first match up was against Jade Sea (FR) and another server which I forget the name of but Jade Sea held a pretty dominant lead a lot of the time (mainly due to them getting 90% of the map at 6am which happened every single night since headstart) but with the new matchups we've taken their place, we held 70-80% of the map at peak time.
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    Far Shiverpeaks are doing quite okay after the rematch, seems more even then before but still the better world of the 3. Been times where we held 100% of the map in the earlier match up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flappy View Post
    I'm on Fort Aspenwood (US) and we are getting CRUSHED by Jade Quarry.

    Just CRUSHED.
    I'm on Jade Quarry. I always giggle whilst looking at the scores.

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    My server, Yak's Bend was owning it up last week, but this new match up we aren't =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianCC100 View Post
    Apparent;y they're doing 24 hour matchmaking right now to see where servers stand and then they are going to match the dominate servers with each other while the losing server (my server) will be matched against each other.
    If true, that's good news becasue playing a dominationg server all the time gets old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimusmc View Post
    I happen to be on northern shiverpeaks
    We are currently dominating Blackgate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninaran View Post
    Riverside [DE] here and dominating kinda hard lol.
    Yeah, you beat us, Kodash [DE] pretty much. D:

    I haven't done much WvWvW yet, but it seems, Kodash is pretty bad. xD

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    On Desolation myself. Feel sorry particularly for Fissure of Woe. Those guys couldnt get above 5k points a while back. At least they have now started to fight back a small bit.

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    Hey, my server was against Riverside [DE] originally, I remember. I'm on Blacktide (which the Polish picked as "their server", of course -_-).

    Currently we're against Ring of Fire and some other server I forget, we're always the middle server. Not the best, not the worst.

    EDIT: Oh wait, new servers! We're up against Jade Sea [FR] and Elona Reach [DE], the french being best and germans being worst. We're still in the middle, oddly enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruie View Post
    I'm on Jade Quarry. I always giggle whilst looking at the scores.
    I REALLY wanted to be on Fort Aspenwood since they released the server list, it was one of my favorite areas in GW1... but you guys made me sad, so I went to Northern Shiverpeaks. Mwahahaha!

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