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    strange graphics glitches during GW


    I've been having strange texture tearing since beta, and I can't figure out what causing it to happen.

    The game will be running fine, then I start getting the texture tearing you see in the pictures. I can ctr+esc out and pull it back up and it will be gone for a little while. There are several other small glitches I see every now and then like dots showing up on the screen but i don't have pics of those. I have a nvidia 560 ti ftw edition. I have tried several drivers and the one I am currently using is 304.79 beta (the one the game recommends). I am at my wit's end; As a last resort I can try reinstalling but I would rather not do that seeing as how long it takes. Any thoughts?

    I have an imgur gallery with pics but the website won't let me post it for some reason -_-

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    Firstly, is vsync on or off?

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    I'm getting weird issues as well. I can see through the world terrain on a constant basis in and around buildings, caves, etc. Every other game I'm currently playing has no issues except this one. Using two 560ti cards in SLI as well.

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    I've tried turning v-sync on and off in game, doesn't seem to help. In the nvidia control panel, under global settings it is set to "use 3d application setting"

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