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    Mousewheel Binding

    Hey i was wondering if anyone knows a way to keybind the mousewheel.

    I always keybind mousewheel up down with shift and alt modifers, using the ctrl modifier as zooming.

    Number keys are way too awkward to even bother with.


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    It's explain mid way in the below video (as well as other tips)

    Maximizing Control In GW2
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    I wound up doing the same thing. I don't get why so many modern games forget the Mousewheel as a keybind option.

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    I also want to bind my mousewheel. I have a Logitech MX518 which does not allow for app profiles. I guess I need to get a gaming mouse to get that.

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    Oh i have a $15 walmart mouse.

    I guess i cant use app profiles then?

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    I have made a ticket and asked if using AutoHotKey to assign mouseWheel button as a key is considered illegal..I made that 4 days ago still no answer
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