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    GW2 Is A Game Of Roles

    I was reading a blog about Engineer when I cam ea cross a description of the roles each sPvP team would have (http://flame-throwing.com/):


    The first three months (or more) in sPvP will be about exploration of tactics, team makeup and builds. But during the Beta events there have been a few common team makeups and roles.

    Duelist A player that excels at 1v1 combat. This role it used to solo take an objective. Usually the closest or farthest objective depending on your tactics.

    Roamer This player is used to support the other roles. Quick movement is a must as this role must listen to teammates to support them quickly and turn the tide of a fight.

    Point holder Traditionally this role was a player that could take a beating without dying. The goal was to stay alive solo at an objective until support could arrive, like the roamer or the team. Guild Wars 2 makes this role difficult as surviving a 2v1 is more difficult than in other games.

    Team Fight This role is designed to work in synergy with 1, 2, or even 3 other players to form a team (within your team). This team is usually used to capture and hold the most contested objective such as the middle objective on most maps."

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    Not to be a debbie downer, but I don't see how that's new from like WoW or other games with PvP. This is more of a "these are roles that are consistent throughout games with battlegrounds", and not something unique to GW2.
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    Yes, most games like this have roles
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    It's just basic conquest strategy...

    sPvP is conquest style maps.

    Makes sense.

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    Right, noone is arguing there aren't roles in GW2. Multiple classes are simply capable of filling multiple roles on short notice.
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    Impossible not to have roles at all

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    Those roles are in pretty much every PvP style game. Even League of Legends has something similar.

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    GW2 is a game that has moved away from the traditional MMO trinity of tank, healer and dps to a team/group based game. It is still extremely difficult for me today to pick a main profession as I enjoy ranged kiters and all professions can do that :/

    So now I am looking at how each class does that! You see a Necromancer does it with condition spreading and negating utility. A warrior does it with Flag utility -which a 2h warrior can do so why bring a rifle warrior to sPvP but that's beside the point. Engineer can bring healing or buffing utility and so on.

    In this game its really not the professions archetype per say rather what else the profession brings within your choice of role.

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