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    Blizzard decided it would be smart to turn ANOTHER class into cooldown stacking facerollers.

    Warrior burst is now balanced around two 3 minute, one 5 minute and trinket cooldowns. Outside of that you're not going to touch anything. Our grip is also worse than ever since they removed the pvp 4 piece of heroic leap breaking roots + putting dispels on a cd + making sure bladestorm is not an option. We're in a worst state PvP-wise than we've ever been before.

    Think S10 warriors with retarded high Csmash burst, change it to a ~15 second window every 3 minutes or so and you have the new MoP warrior.
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    lol dunno what your on about with mobility with double time and leap on a 30 sec cd we can stick on our target well

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    There really is no valid complaint for any class on live right now.

    The classes are tuned for level 90, but do not have the gear to back it up. Certain classes are performing rather well with just the tuning alone, such as Fury Warriors, but arms warriors are going to need to wait til 90 to really shine.

    Right now, PvP is extremely unbalanced (shocker right?), but in all seriousness, it's because of the gear issue. Basically everyone is on equal footing right now in PvP. Level 90 talents and gear are going to mix things up alot more.

    Other than that, Warriors in PvE currently, and Warriors in PvP in the future, will finally be a class that's really worth playing. My main has been a Warrior since I first started playing, so it's nice that I'll finally be up there competing with mages and hunters :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellcat1991 View Post
    lol dunno what your on about with mobility with double time and leap on a 30 sec cd we can stick on our target well
    mobility is different then up-time/grip on a target.

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    Staggering amount of misinformation in this post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lolretadin View Post
    No mention in here of safegaurd which is the solution to the root problem and we dont even have the banners yet. With 30 second HL, 30 sec safegaurd, and 12 second charge our mobility is more than fine. Much better than it was pre-patch.

    O man this hurt me inside to read. Seriously? Warriors have more control than rogues at the moment, its probably their best stand out feature. No mention of gag order at all in your post which is probably our most overpowered mechanic atm? Glyph hindering strikes = no hamstringing anymore. If someone else is bringing ranged slows (which is basically everyone else) then you can grab staggering or disrupting shout = aoe root or aoe interrupt. Being able to lock down casters for at least 8+ seconds EVERY 20 seconds is honestly over the top but im not complaining

    Self Healing;
    I will agree with you here. Lack of self healing is by far our weakest area right now especially considering how rediculous other's self healing is (cough rets cough spriests). SW isnt that good, people are finally figuring out to save burst cds for when we are low as if its tough to do since we have 0 ways of healing before then.

    Defensive CD;
    Agreed, war cds and pretty good right now. Obviously the usual gimping of damage during shield wall is annoying but die by the sword (also 20% shield wall outside of the parry) really helps with it.

    Yes you wont see any big numbers outside of execute but our damage is still not too bad. We hit ALOT now, I have rage for HS every 3 seconds and every global is filled usually with an attack plus all the mastery procs. The thing is, we dont even need all that much damage to be good because our control is so rediculous right now. If our damage was say, frost dk level, we would be literally unstoppable. Even Hpallys wouldnt have a chance.

    Overall, warrior is insanely fun to play right now as the skillcap is through the roof. I regularly 2v1 and 3v1 in bgs where I couldn't even touch most classes 1v1 before the patch. Balance wise they are in a good spot but definitely not UP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meathead View Post
    mobility is different then up-time/grip on a target.
    still got good mobility and up time on people so yer

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