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    3 levels behind

    Hey im 3 levels behind my main quest and ive done 2 area's Completely (All vista's, POI's ect..) So why am i so far behind and how can i get 3 more levels efficiently because people say go to other area's well i dont know how to cus im a Newb..

    Im level 23
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    well that means you havent done enought DE or enought crafting but its ok.You can go in another area of your level and it will be nice,you will be deleveled in that areas lvl zone but the xp will be of your own level.

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    I had the same thing happen at the same level. It's basically encouraging you to go to different zones. There are 4 other races, each with starter zones, and I believe there are at least 2-3 other level 15-25 zones as well. With level/xp scaling it doesn't matter where you go! You have plenty of options.

    Also craft more. Or at least gather. Gather ever single node you see. They are free, only you can see them (client-side nodes) and they give a LOT of xp.
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    You gets exp from gathering and crafting too. Also, there are lots other (not your race) zones at your level, try to explore these.
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    Try to do the personal story quests before you get to the recommended level. Since level 29 I've done all mine 4 or 5 levels ahead and all on first try. The recommended level is just for safety I think.
    Also, do more crafting and DE's to level some more.
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    You can go to other capital cities quickly via the Asura gates in Lion's Arch.

    To get to Lion's Arch, you can either use the Asura gate in your own capital city (the purple swirly on the map) or through the PvP lobby.

    To get to the PvP lobby fast:

    Press "H" to bring up your character window.

    Select the PvP tab.

    Cllck "Go to the Heart of the Mists".

    You will now be in the PvP lobby (note that you can return to your original location by clicking the same button again). The first time you're doing this (and only the first time), you'll have to go through the PvP tutorial area. You'll get to an Asura Gate that takes you to Lion's Arch. Go through that gate, and head to the platform with the five gates to the five capital cities (there's a free waypoint there for the next time you're doing this). Pick the gate leading to the one city you want to go to, and step through. There you are.

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