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    Addon to track Nether Tempest

    Hey, I'm playing Fire Mage and I'm wondering if there's an addon to track Nether Tempest out?

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    Using a weak aura here, u could also use forte exorsist. Both addons can give you alot of extra things to play with aswell.

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    check this thread...with the new combustion helper you get also the MageBombTracker(or you can just dl the MageBombTracker.).So you have everything no mater spec or bomb talent you re using

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    Thank you guys.

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    I always use NeedToKnow for things I need to track (as well as a few power/weak auras here and there)
    But if you are looking for a Bar style way of tracking Anything (Buff, Debuff, Internal CD, Spell CD, Useable Actions) NeedToKnow is great for that
    And Really easy to configure

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    There's a bunch of addon for doing this:
    Forte exorcist, needtoknow, power aura, etc
    The answers is 42

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    I'm using Tellmewhen for Arcane, whenever Nether Tempest falls off my screen turns dark blue for a moment to remind me to reapply it. It also tracks PoM, Power and Mana Gem for me. But I think I'll change it to Needtoknow

    For Fire I use CombustionHelper, and for Frost I use Needtoknow to track the cooldowns on Frost Bomb, Freeze and Frozen Orb.

    There are lots of functional addons working in similar ways, I can't tell you which one is the best, but for MoP I think I'll stick to Needtoknow for Arcane and Frost and CombustionHelper for Fire.

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