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    137 at 68. I.. like bashing my head into dungeons with pugs.

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    61 times at level 45 (warrior) I just love me them jumping puzzles, so much so that I die for them :P

    (That and I get smushed by champions alot, Even when i go ranged, they just don't seam to like me )

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    53 at lvl68. probably 75% of those are from WvW though

    Who is John Galt?

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    No PvP and no dungeons; 0 deaths at 35 with my guardian!

    11 deaths with my elementalist at lvl 33. She squishy.
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    276 at 72.... of course i love jumping off cliffs, i have 100+ deaths from jumping off rata sum alone

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    Does it count towards sPvp? Or just WvW?

    Because I have like 120 deaths at level 27. AND NO WAY in hell I died that many times outside spvp.

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    4 times at level 20 on my warrior. All of them due to falling. :I

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    Since I can't log in right now - connection errors on the downloader? I can't tell for sure...but it's in the hundreds - I've been mainly levelling by Wv3 - and as an elementalist - one with a death wish - I die alot !

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    146 at 69. Pugs + AC / TA = gg

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    Obviously though, you want to save the dodges specifically for their really dangerous moves.
    In theory yes. In practice: Solo mobs kill me with their auto-attacks almost before I can kill them (staff equipped) now imagine 2 or 3...

    @Topic: 14 deaths @Lv 22. :<

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    60 deaths at 54. love wvw!

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    204 deaths @ Lv80. Most from dungeons, WvWvW, and exploring.

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    Level 66 and died 69 times on my necromancer. If only I can manage to keep that number for the rest of the time I play... /kek

    :| I tried soloing one of the world event bosses in an earlier zone... it was some huge spider. She hit melee and spat some stuff that traveled slow and was super avoidable. I got her down about 1/8th of her HP before half the freaking zone showed up and stole my thunder. Needless to say, kiting ftw. Keeps you alive.
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    69 deaths at 35, I blame WvW and falling D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wylectra View Post
    115 @level 84. :3
    Lvl is 80 is max lvl /sigh
    I'm no rockstar .., i'm a fucking legend!!

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    45 times at lvl 36.

    Racked up about 7 deaths trying to get past this champion spider and her minions for a delicious rich silver vein. But the 4 level gap was a bit too steep.
    I grieve for the lost silver ore still (Even though my bank is filled up with it, I have some form of gatherin disorder).

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