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    [QUOTE=Wait so it's bad to do an entire worlds worth of content for 8months, but it's good to do a single raid for 8 months because you get gear? Just checking to make sure I'm reading that right cause it sounds kinda off.[/QUOTE]

    Another case of reading what you wanted to read, i only state that you are doomed to face the same thing in every game you play. All mmorpgs follow this model and that's exactly a part of the mmorpg experience. If you think about it the goal is always the same thing, you grind something for long periods of time until you get it. The method about doing it is no different, you grind it period.
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    This is pretty funny and apropos to this topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stellan View Post
    This is pretty funny and apropos to this topic.
    That is a great video

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