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    Fastest Classes? movement speed/swiftness

    Is there a list of how much movement speed each class can gain either through passives or buffs? Or at least can someone tell me how each class ranks from fastest to slowest?

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    well i know necros get a signet that gives a passive 10% speed boost and a ability from having a horn in the offhand that gives swiftness for 10 secs i think with a short cooldown so its almost able to be up all the time, cant tell you about other classes though ive only played necro really so far

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    10 trait points into Air spec elementalist 25% perfect for running around WvW since theres no dam mounts

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    Engineers can get a pretty much permanent 33% speed buff through Speedy Kits (grants you swiftness for 5 secs everytime you switch kits, and kits have no CD)

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    thief is fastest, perma 25% speed with signet + can have swiftness on evade + teleports around.

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    I saw warriors get a trait (Warrior's Sprint) that increases speed if a melee weapon is equipped but doesnt say how much. Anyone know?

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    Slick shoes, a kit, and speedy kits.

    Perpetual swiftness and 5 seconds of double speed (Note this doesn't stack with the out of combat bonus or swiftness, use in combat!) every 45 seconds.
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    Definetly an elementalist, with signet of air, 10 points in air, double dagger for ride the lightning, then you can switch to staff for the speed boost, and glyph of elemental harmony while in air attunement.

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    May i ask where's the speedy kits ?
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