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    Balance Musings

    It seems our current 3 min cds (Incarnation and Celestial Alignment) are best used back to back to get the full effect of Incarnation. So for example:

    Arrive in lunar
    Dots (Order is irrelevant now?)
    When leaving lunar activate Celestial Alignment

    This is the part where I'm not entirely sure what is the best practice. Do I use the now refreshed starfall in those precious 15 seconds? Do I clip dots as soon as CA is active so I can recast them on expiration when leaving CA?

    Also, regarding dots: I've fallen into the habit of refreshing both at the same time. Since I'm always going to refresh the buffed dot during its respective eclipse, it doesn't really matter if I clip right? I understand at 90 this will likely change as our haste decreases.

    Thanks for your insight!

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    (Pretty much)Normal rotation:

    • A/C one cast off Lunar
    • (1st) Starfall
    • Wrath
    • Incarnation
    • SuF->MF
    • Starfire
    • (2nd-during Inc) Starfall when first drops
    • When Lunar ends pop CA
    • MF to apply both dots
    • (3rd-reset from CA) Starfall
    • Spam Starfire
    • MF before CA drops
    • Starfire to Solar

    Incarnation should fall off with CA or a bit before depending how you use your globals.

    About DoTs: If you have to refresh near Eclipse end, do it on the buffed one. If you have both running with considerable time remaining, only refresh/clip the one buffed by the eclipse you just entered, then squeeze the unbuffed one in your rotation when it runs out.

    Hope this helps :P
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    And to add on to Juvencus' post, using back to back to back starfalls during this time is very important. You want to get as many stars to fall during your prepot/trinket procs/stormlash as possible. Casting starfall with 1 or less seconds left on an exist starfall will just add 10 seconds to the remianing duration much like our dots or many other spells. Keep this in mind if you have say .3 seconds left on starfall as you finish a starfire, you wont lose any ticks if you pop it then compared to having ~1.7 seconds of not having it during this time if you decide to wait.
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