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    One thing that bothers me

    So I've been playing the game a lot for the past week and it has been a lot of fun so far, but there is one thing that now has me bothered. I decided to buy 10$ worth of gems (800) yesterday and I have not received them yet. It has been over 24 hours and it is suppose to give them out instantly after purchase. I put in a ticket to support last night and they have not answered back to let me know they are fixing or even looking into the situation.

    I understand the game is new and they need to work on things but when it comes to people spending real money they should have it working 100% of the time. If that is not possible then they should not have it up and running yet.

    I am posting here to see what other people think and also to see if anyone else has had this issue. Hopefully Anet will correct this problem before I go to my bank to get my money back.
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    I got my gems instantly. O_o

    Be patient,you'll get 'em.
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    I didnt get mine either, its been 2 days send a ticket 2 days ago and still waiting. but i've been charged.
    Nothing i can do but wait i guess
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrakeWurrum View Post
    I got my gems instantly. O_o

    Be patient,you'll get 'em.
    Yeah, this is my second time buying them and the first time it was instant with no problems at all. It is just really frustrating paying real money for something and not getting it.

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    I'm sure they'll fix it.

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    nyc, did you get the confirmation email the second time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannoson View Post
    nyc, did you get the confirmation email the second time?
    Yes, I did. I received it a few seconds after I made the purchase.

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    Well judging by the fact that it was down for quite a long time and they had to stop purchases of the game on their website i guess it's because they are compeltely overloaded... Im sure they will look into when they have the time...

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    They've gotten massively backed up between hacked accounts and in general being a new game. Give them some more time, I'm sure they'll get to it.

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