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    Any way to get Karma refund if you buy wrong item?

    I am so kicking myself....I had just dinged 22, and went to buy some new leg armor in Kessex Hills....I thought I was on the right armor type, hit buy....then coudn't equip...looked, and it was light armor (I am playing a Ranger)...did not see a refund button or could sell it back...argh. Don't see an ingame request for GM help either....

    Is this possible, or am I out of luck?


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    Don't worry you get a lot more Karma.. later on. You're only 22 it's going to get replaced not that far down the road

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    Cool...thanks...I just hate spending stuff needlessly....or in my case carelessly

    I have tried to salvage the item I bought by mistake...and can't seem to sell it either....is that normal?

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