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    Banned and no idea why.

    So I prepurchased this game a few days after it was available. Got my wife excited about this game, first game we've played together since quitting wow a year ago. Was playing for 5 days with my wife loving every moment of this game, then out of nowhere I get kicked off. Tried to log back on and get a message saying that I've been banned for "selling or assisting in the selling of in game items for real money". I check the e-mail registered with them to see if I could gleam anymore information, only thing there is a few e-mails saying someone attempted to reset password and about 7 attempts to log on from an IP that isn't where I live, no e-mail about the banning. Reset my password, now it's 3 days since it happened, I've had a support ticket in since day 1, and no feedback whatsoever since then. Anyone else dealing with this? I understand they have a lot to deal with recently, but I feel this was a gross mistake on their part and wish they would just fix it, sucks even more cause of no playing for this 3 day weekend.

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    Find their reddit thread for suspensions and post your account name there. Hopefully soon they'll get around to properly sending out e-mails.
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    Never really used reddit before, but I'll give it a try.

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    Same thing happened to my friend and it said he was online and switched server. I'm guessing accounts have already been compromised which really isn't a good start but hopefully they will sort it out and maybe some sort of authenticator would be a nice thing to have as well.

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    Please use the following: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ban-discussion

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