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    Quote Originally Posted by TheImmortalLordAtlas View Post
    After MOP, there will be BROOM.
    What comes after BROOM?

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    If you take current existing lore in to account there are many expansions that can be built around whats out there. Emerald Dream, Ashzara, Sargeras, Titans, Argus, BL, Kul Trias. There is a fan fic expansion on here about the Nerubian kingdom. After that, which I know ruffles way too many feathers, is new lore. People love to hang on to what is lore from the RTS games, but most of the stuff in WoW was created specifically for the MMO and did not exist prior. So you also have unlimited amount of ideas that could be crafted from new lore. According to an executive from an online article back a bit, counting MoP, there are 5 expansions planned. meaning in development and or planning stages. So A lot is coming, but all could change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runeweaver View Post
    I'm still waiting for (hoping ._.) The Emerald Dream expansion. There are already Emerald Dream files located within the game files and they have been continuously updated... so it seems that they may should (hopefully) do it eventually. As far as I predict, I hope for Emerald Dream to be next to reach Level 95 then finally a Burning Legion one with perhaps Sargeras as the end boss (with the characters empowered by the titans etc); perhaps ending WoW with Level 100 and having Blizzard move on with Titan. WoW has to have an end eventually.
    I'm not saying what I said, will happen or what absolutely must happen. Just a prediction.

    One with Argus though certainly isn't a bad idea.
    They were there since day 1 because it was supposed to be part of vanilla. However certain classes, and quests have taken us into is ever since. Maybe that is why they have been updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorgash View Post
    There's no more place in Azeroth for any new content (they won't pull another Cata and scatter the zones, I'm sure), which leaves the only option of a totally new place. And that's 99%.

    I would personally like some draenei-demon thing again, of course with tons of naarus... Argus seems a great place for that. Maybe we cleansed Outland, and that would be our main base on the assault, possibly with spaceships instead of portals
    Who says the map is to scale? Who says they cannot fit more on the other sid? Don't use Ulduar and the telescope that looks at Azeroth as canon examples of what is actually Azeroth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekosom View Post
    Blizzard has stated on many occasions that Pandaria is a self-contained story culminating in the final raid of this first tier, meaning that any subsequent patches in this expansion will likely NOT be set on Pandaria.
    Source please. I am an avid follower of Blues and their tweets and such and I do not recall ever reading anything like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkazam View Post
    WoW will turn free 2 play. Cataclysm was too much..
    The amount of people that left during Cata is more than any other MMO has right now and WoW went back up over 10M. I Don't think WoW is in any short term problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadee View Post
    hopefully it will be dead after mop and blizz rolls out Titan
    Titan will not be WoWs replacement nor is the game you all think it will be. It is not a competitor to WoW it is meant to compliment it like SC2 or D3. It will most likely have CRZ and a RMAH all the things most of you guys dislike. WoW is their king they will not kill it off for an unknown. Anyone thinking they will needs some help or business classes.
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    I dont wanna know whats next.

    WotLK was not as good as BC. Then Cata was worse. As I thought it cant get worse, we got pandas, farmville, and pokemon.

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    I'm going out on a limb and start with saying Azeroth is round (pretty much given). So maybe the next expansion preluding legion invasion might take place on a new continent between EK and kalimdor. This would require changing the world map into 3D version but wouldn't that be awesome anyway?

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    I think the next xpac will be something in the lines with "The Queens Nightmare" and will feature Azshara and emerald dream.
    And she will try to bring the legion to Azeroth once more. With demon hunters as a playable race.
    And then the last xpac ( blizz will focus everything they have on titan ) there will be the massive legion invasion and the faceoff with Sargeas.

    Atleast, that's my thoughts on it.
    Doesn't matter whatever picture I post here, "Scrapbot" will allways infract me for it.

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    im so hoping for legion love draenei. i agree with baiyn, but more focus on draenei considering that it is their homeworld, and the havent seen many lore in recent xpacs. also would be great to see a splinter group of draenei who maybe used escape pods from oshu'gun on one of their many close encounters with the legion. this group would be like the mag har for orcs you know maybe a different skin tone sligh little changes.

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    anther thing with legion expansion there can be alot of new lore and suprises, more than weve seen in any xpac yet, and would make for one epic ending with naaru and velen and the draenei on their homeworld. almost hope the draenei can reclaim mac'aree and have that as their capital, exodar blows

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    I saw a tweet a couple months ago that they are working on the next one already. Can't believe it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    I dont wanna know whats next.

    WotLK was not as good as BC. Then Cata was worse. As I thought it cant get worse, we got pandas, farmville, and pokemon.
    Hopefully in the next expansion we get once again, what everyone is asking for like fairies, ponies, and vampires. Not those lame races that no one ever asks about like Ogres! Oh and I hope we get more CC with the classes I mean there really isn't enough currently, maybe everyone gets 10 stuns and rupts plus maybe 5 or 6 silences and idk 20 fears or so? Sounds about right. Hmm what else... maybe they'll add digimon to go with the pokemans and we got farmville so, harvest moon gets added I guess? I'd like to be able to lose control of my character 100% of the time instead of the current 90%, it just feels incomplete if you know what I mean.

    I hope it's another great expansion with epic lore and amazing difficult content. Oh yes I almost forgot, we need another talent revamp! It's not nearly linear enough!

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